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  1. Culver Road in Lancing. Or, not Sussex County, but Lewes is decent & fairly easy to get to.
  2. If one was to speculate, one might make a connection between the £24.4m Whyte raised by selling Rangers' future season tickets to Ticketus before he'd even bought the club, the £18m of that money used to pay a bank debt and the £6.4m remainder, whereabouts currently unknown... Of course, I couldn't condone such wild leaps of the imagination in any way but some might be lead to suspicion. I hope for the sake of Banstead (or any other local club) they steer clear of Rangers, who are about to bring shame on the entire game.
  3. Some details on my site, from a Sussex County perspective. http://2ndyellow.com/2012/fa-step-5-restructure-sussex-county-league UCL is the other mooted to be split, needless to say many clubs are opposed due to increases in travel costs.
  4. I agree, it's a problem. I do take my six year old along to the odd game on a Saturday but tend to try & stand/sit away from the hardcore supporters and the benches. I honestly doubt it even occurs to most clubs that it's something they ought to be tackling.
  5. Hi, my name's Mark. Supporter of Sussex football and non league in general. Also run a website, http://2ndyellow.com.
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