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  1. Agree with Gazza here, win lose or draw getting the games on has been a real problem for this part of the season, the stop start deffo seems to have hit us hard. I'm not saying I would rather we lose games, my concern is that the more that have to be rearranged towards the end of the season only puts the team under more pressure as we potentially face three games a week - and that really would throw a spanner in the works! Our away form mid week, lets face it, has been lacking to say the least. However we are now done with the Tuesday nighters away (thank f*ck) onwards to safety says I - COYB's
  2. Awaiting a photo of you lot on tour EU, if the lense can take it ;-)
  3. P.S. Quality picture BB - regardless of the score I'm glad I was there :-)
  4. I have to agree with Patriot here, regardless of what was said, it has been said in an open forum and that's that, it is whats great about open forums. Yes we should think about what we say, but as I said in an earlier post, which unfortunately was removed, it's passion. We are not always right in what we do and what we say but if we start going down the route of censorship then its 1984 he we come.... Big Brother is watching you ;-) Night folks - COYB's
  5. On the jelly shots already!
  6. Can only re-iterate everything that has been said already, a top job to bring the club to where it is now. Will be sad to see both Steve and Sharon go, glad they will be sticking around to find the right fit for the club it shows their continued commitment to this club.
  7. I have heard that it displays as a nasty rash and the only cure is to... Pour on water
  8. I hope that we don't only have the likes of ebbsfleet to read up on (and they're not even in our league). Could get very incestuous with just the urchins to banter with. That being said its still nice to be here! Congrats by the way Eastside I know you're reading this ;-)
  9. Elephant from 10 princess of Wales from 12 see you there lads
  10. Double figures already down here 'avin it - wish you was here?
  11. Beer, football, and hopefully a championship shield + as a bonus a day by the seaside, what could be better CYOB! #allthewaytothefinish
  12. Yeah, he's been tweeting for a while, had a minor set back when some thieving b*stard had his phone away, but as always the magnet stays up beat and positive, top bloke! Steed Jnr. is proper chuffed and can't wait to see his hero at New Lodge.
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