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  1. its all over now and the fat lady sings........
  2. what more can i say to top pauls words but a very big thank you to all who helped make this a very special night for my dad and my family thanks. tony, chris kinnear and billy edwards special thanks to you guys who helped to achieve this fantastic memorable night, you have made my dad a very happy man!
  3. I have deleted from the forum 2 posts deletion poll and @@@@@@ what ever this was.... Due to the current damaged this has caused between people. if this was wrong im sorry but i done this for the sake of the forum I feel now we should concertrate on the football on the field and go foward .
  4. Are you sure burger sauce LOL.............
  5. Sorry guys & girls i know that i have been quiet but i'm still here ............... You all know the rules ..... please watch what you write kids can read these messages and so can adults..... thank you Dave
  6. Hi Tony welcome to the dark side of the job.......... be fair firm and friendly if you no what i mean....... speak to you sunday Dave..........
  7. Ramsgate lost 3-2 Ha Ha.........
  8. alan send me our email address and our be able to put form on web site
  9. at the moment it will be cheques only until we organiize the dd with the bank etc also its easier to control the account side of the lottery by cheque i will speak to keith about our comments.
  10. this was agreed at the misa meeting on weds night.
  11. alan i sent you a pm asking of our email address to send all details but as usual one no responded so the reason why we have a new form is there will be no standing order etc only cheque payed to misa. reason for the change of the name well i let you think about that one........................... actual the lottery details needs to go on the main front page as a separate link for full affect. Dave
  12. Dear supporter, Margate football club
  13. Dave   Fatboy


    I think this is not the time or the place to undermine any fund raising by blueblood or any Misa involvement at the club. I would suggest at the Misa AGM or a private meeting which could be organized in the future to discuss the previous post on the forum There are enough problems at present within the club. So if any of you wish to air your dirty laundry then please do so professionally either face to face or at a meeting thank you Dave....
  14. Dave   Fatboy


    Originally Posted By: blueblood I agree Frankie. "As a Supporters Club we should(like our predecessors) support all aspects of Margate football club, to assist in its future". Not to help support someones personal agenda. what do you mean by someones personal agenda................
  15. Just a question i ask myself, if margate are looking for local talent to play next season (to possibly reduce the wage bill)then should someone be out there scouting the local teams like danny ward who was at st lukes watching the final of the premier league cup which birchington.u.s.c won 3-2 on extra time! maybe its time who ever thought about this and woke up to the fact that someone has beaten you to it, as danny ward did speak to some!
  16. Dave   Fatboy


    there is only one reason for the downfall and that is the divided loyalities behind closed doors!
  17. cheers guys................
  18. Sorry frankie got a problem with this.......
  19. sorry had a few problems login.......................
  20. Dave   Fatboy


    Hello boys and girls im back................................
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