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  1. Sum players are just happy playing in there local league , or just with pals, people work then go football , playing higher would take ur Saturday work from you , so you earn less and in todays world that aint a great thing. not all clubs are throwing money everywhere , some players are to far up there own arses think they are so good, if they are then go play higher or don't moan about paying subs ,
  2. We have a player at enisgn res who came to play with his mates from great wakering , stambridge have offered him£30 a game 5a goal(so he says) plus they are going to pay off his 115 bill he owes, If teams are going to try and improve and move upthe leagues and have the money to do things like pay then great but don't see no point in doing it otherwise, I would prefer a team who worked hard than people there just for the money
  3. White ensign res looking for pre season games throughout August home or away ,home games would be 3,15ko Saturday's an some Wednesday's nights available Cheers
  4. A gd game was ruined by both teams low on players, bare 11 for both , [****!!****] pitch worse we played on all year, we scored first with a great bit of team play, they got the equaliser late on, both sides had efforts stopd by 2 decent keepers on show best of luck to debden in div1 Season over for us we learnt a lot in our first year together , Live an Learn come back even stronger next year good luck to all
  5. Weren't going to tell the team to pull out of tackles because of the other teams ages , weve played fair and hard all season , they more than put some in themselfs , but let's move on as you say , our season is coming to a close only 1 game left will prob finish 3rd (maybe) ruined our chances mid season which is gutting , but not bad for a new side put together this year
  6. Nice to hear that mate , cheers , the way them lads played Saturday you should be very proud of them mostly youngsters you guys got there , I thought they played very well . There was a couple of tackles in the game he mite of not liked but ref delt with them couple getting a yellow but tackles didn't warrant him saying that . We would have stayed for a drink like we always do but decided to clear off because of what happend , next time we shall share a drink , Al the best
  7. Ensign res 3 Basildon 1 bas manager a disgrace to his team his club and to football to shout out don't shake there [****!!****] hands after game to his players totally in the wrong , some players ignored this even the ref walked off shaking his head at the knobhead , well done mate done herself proud considering all your players are youngsters
  8. White ensign res 2 old Chelmsfordions 0 2nd half Didn't play well but got the result we needed unbeaten in 9 just a shame we threw our season away midseason
  9. White ensign res 3 castle utd res 1 My lads wanted it so much more Gd luck to castle who are a great bunch of lads ,
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