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  1. Why not apply for the job Duncs? Sounds like the chairman quite likes you and you have unfinished business there?
  2. I have watched this forum from afar and i am stunned at certain people and their obsession with budgets. I think you would all be amazed at the level of success Camberley have had if the true budget figures ever came out. Don't get me wrong, they do have a small budget covering travel expenses for the players, but If the league budget figures (honest figures, they never will) came out for all clubs then Camberley should be finishing mid table in this league.
  3. Correct its down to the players/mangement budget ! The CCL top 4 teams in the Prem are the clubs with the biggest budgets with the exception of Badshot Lea, as is Guernsey in Div 1. I do realise that since, some clubs have quite rightly reduced their budget once they realise they have nothing to play for...now where's that Nice Guy Cup again...lol ! Its fact, that in the main, its all relative thru' the leagues right upto the Barclays Premier.
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