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  1. Hi Jordan. My wife is head of year at Upminster Infant School. So could look at asking her about a stool at the summer fete? Let me know. Cheers. Stu.
  2. Is there any news on the 'premiership sides' home friendlies?
  3. Be interesting to see what players we have by then
  4. So far we have only learnt that Tuohy has signed and 2 players have left. Any official news from the club on further signings coming up?
  5. Excellent news regarding the mascots. Like to get my little boy to be one next season
  6. Also, does anyone know when the fixtures for next season get announced?
  7. Yeah has been quiet on squad developments so when do we expect to hear some official news? Any update on the mascot situation Rob?
  8. Is this something the club could look to introduce next season? Would possibly appeal to the juniors
  9. Just wondered when player signings will start to be announced?
  10. Regarding the selling of the merchandise, how about having a small selection of items available in the clubhouse before and after the games as well as the club shop? Maybe having a little table displaying the items and having this as close to the entry door as possible so it catches peoples attention.
  11. Hi All, The band I play in are gigging at the Yeoman on Friday 18th May 2012 and it would be great to see a few of you in there. We start at 9pm and it goes on until midnight. We are a covers band playing modern stuff, classics and some cheesy stuff which is performed now and again dependent on the sort of crowd! Cheers Dear Stu
  12. Thinking about it could tie it in with an England game at the Euros provided it fell on a Saturday and the clubhouse was available. Then after the game have the bbq and the band. Price wise would be around £250. There are only 3 of us so this could be negotiated dependent on how long you wanted us to play. I will create a new post later today but the band are playing at The Yeoman on Friday 18th May so would be great to get a few down there and then you can hear if we would be suitable which I'm sure we would be
  13. Rob. How about having a bbq and band night during the close season? I'm sure my band provided we are available would be willing to provide the entertainment. We do all sorts of covers and could provide music on an ipod during break times. What do you think?
  14. Was great to be there last night. Thought we created the more clear-cut chances and hadn't it been for a great save from there keeper in the first half from Lewis' shot I think we could have gone on to bag a few more. I was particurarly impressed by Lewis, Rook and Joe Anderson. Thought Bury were poor except for there cracker of a goal. Bring on Lowestoft.
  15. Cheers Catts! Yeah got plenty of gigs on the horizon. Down at The Crown Roneo Corner on the 2nd March or The Firkin on the 10th March if you and a few of the boys are up for it. Yeah now my work situation has changed I will be able to get over alot more hopefully. You will certainly see me on the Eastside very very soon
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