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  1. Interesting that no one has gone for Camberley this season - including Mr Krooner. Turks will almost certainly enjoy not having much pressure on him as seasons gone by. Having come so close over the last few seasons it would be silly to write them off. They've lost a few faces but have recruited well over the summer. The style of play is also extremely effective and I can't see them deviating much from something that has served them well of late even if it is with different players.
  2. Best of luck to both you and Salv, I'm sure with your passion and experience, coupled with Salvs little black book of players (the size of a standard yellow pages book) the rebuild will be a good one.
  3. Haha - will always stand clubhouse side at the far end...watch him though Duncs, one he gets talking he doesn't stop
  4. He does Duncs, came to us last year at 15 and I would have played in some games as was good enough then. Thought he had a good 2nd half as did the young left back. Thought when Argent came on he and Edd Smith clicked instantly which really swung a relatively close game in our favour.
  5. Last nights game between Hartley and Horley. Fairly decent game and Horley have vastly improved on the last few seasons. Pleased to be into the next round, pleased to have bounced back from our shock FA Cup exit and also pleased with the two 16 year olds who made their full debuts last night. Positive night all round for us. Penalty or not - obviously our bench was adamant and from my view the ball did not deviate at all.....where as perhaps the Horley camp will feel he got studs on the ball.
  6. The 'young lad' who scored the second for Cove should never be on that pitch but it always seems to be the same teams...We always seem to be short against Farnham and Windsor. Although it was a terrible scuffed finish it atones for Farnham where I should have perhaps scored one of a few half chances. Anyway... Thought it was a really good game and we were very pleased to come away with the 3 points in a tight affair. We had a number of players missing (as did Windsor judging from their line-up) and having suffered a pretty awful 3 weeks in which we have blown the chance for silverware I was very pleased with the determination shown. I hate the old saying 'two teams with nothing to play for' and I thought both teams displayed a real appetite to win the game. We feel we did more than enough to warrant the win with both goals coming after springing the Windsor high-line. We created a few good chances and perhaps could have put it to bed earlier with the 2nd, Duffers in particular running riot down our left handside and Calvin causing some real problems upfront. I agree Windsor played some decent stuff and will no doubt feel hard done by with the result. Windsor got into some very good positions without really causing our keeper many problems which will no doubt frustrate their travelling fans. With Parfitt/Paris both struggling but playing through injury, Everiss, PK, Jack Coventry, Toby Janaway and Jake Baxter all out for the season we could have folded and gone through the motions. Very pleased with the spirit in the camp and I am hopeful of a positive finish to our season.
  7. Only for training GF as it is approx 1/3 of the normal size. It is excellent though and being able to train all year has proved massively beneficial. I now only really play 5 a side on 3/4g and if I was restricted to playing on concrete, a floodlight grass patch or sand astro I probably wouldn't bother (I was always a primadona anyway). As duncs said playing and not having to worry about a bad bounce, a huge divert or puddle makes a huge difference to my personal enjoyment factor. I'm all for rolling up your sleeves and having a battle (and anyone who has seen Cove this year might agree there is a fair element of that on show) but in terms of kids development there can only be one winner - I watched a kids game the other Sunday and couldn't help but think, what real skill is a kid learning when having to dig a ball out of a mud bath of a pitch (one that is also shared as a dog toilet).
  8. 100% agree Smudge. I think we would see a better standard of football as well during the winter months.
  9. Was a feisty affair at Cove on Saturday with the in-from Baggies coming over to us. We started the brighter but lacked composure in front of goal and it was Baggy who took the lead through DT - good strike through a load of bodies following a half cleared corner. A few minutes later they increased their lead following a well worked set pieces and great block on our marker. In that period they had another good chance but as expected we got on top and were banging on the door fairly hard before two moments that changed the game entirely. A Lea player produced a shocking tackle of Jeff Paris, high (above the ankle) and late on the standing foot....at any level other than ours he goes automatically. Some refs in this league give those others don't - yellow card produced. On 35 minutes Toby Janaway went in high and late in the same area on the pitch. The ball had bounced and was high - was there to be won and Toby didn't win it and caught Gav Muir, difference being not on the standing leg and not a leg breaker. Red card produced. For me and it isnt rose tinted - Tobys was the lesser of the tackles but if the first player goes and the ref sends Toby then fair enough but we felt massively hard done by. Toby has been a clown in the past and his reputation proceeds him a lot and I think it was a case of this.... Forgetting the small stuff the referee wasn't strong enough for a game that was always going to be played with that little edge to it and we are disappointed in his inconsistency. I will say the ref didn't lose us the game - we did that by conceding two from set plays in a game we were relatively comfortable in albeit a 15 minute window in which they scored twice. Despite being a man down we went on to hit the bar, miss from a yard out and have other good opportunities. What the ref did was deny us the opportunity to get back into the game and expose areas we thought we could get joy out of. All in all a day were nothing went right for us but we will live to fight another day. With Jake Baxter returning after a 10 week lay off, Michael Buck playing back to back games for the first time this season and Jack Coventry finding his fitness we will press on til the bitter end. If anyone thinks our recent slump in form is to do with the promotion issues that would be misplaced. We were bare-bones against Westfield, guilty of 4 out 5 defenders (inc GK) having stinkers against Ashford and showing massive disrespect and being outworked by a decent Farnham team. I expect us to find our form again very soon (we are a better team now than this time last season when we went 15 wins on the bounce) and this is achievable...obviously it isn't in our hands anymore and I do think Camberley will extend their winning run for some time yet so for us and others its about staying in it (thats not saying Molesey can't do the same as Camb). Will make for an interesting run in that's for sure. Lastly, credit where its due and the turnaround at B Lea is quite something. Tommo has galvanised them and they are playing for each other which goes a long way in this league. I anticipate them being top 6 this season and they will catch a few out whilst they are on this run.
  10. I do think that the regulations are ridiculous and is contrary to what most people want to see, the best team/s go up and the worst team/s go down. I understand that certain standards need to be met and then maintained and I am all for that however....having an extra x seats when a team constantly draws low attendances, turnstiles etc I believe is over the top and makes it hard for progressive clubs to move up the ladder. Its not sour grapes from me, there is still a long long way to go but I can honestly say that as a club we would have struggled IF we were in a position to go up and that isn't for Footballing reasons (although some may have differing opinions). We are a small club run by a dedicated but handful of people who run themselves into the ground to get it to the level the club is at now so in that respect, and with the lack of new blood coming forward the decision is for the best.
  11. Kroons is just bitter that I prized away some of his Camberley favourites, expected better from you Krooner
  12. Thanks for sticking up for us EE. Saturday we were severely under-staffed with poor old Graham having to do 3 peoples roles after 2 people called in sick. Not easy but we got through it. Plans are afoot to bring in more help - regardless of where the 1st team finish this season. The club have been reliant on the same faces year in year out (and a fantastic job they do) but we look at some of the new blood in this league....they have an army of volunteers making the game day experience a pleasurable one for players and supporters alike and that is our immediate goal. So if there is anyone out who wishes to help out in a non-footballing capacity and become part of a much needed support staff please PM me. In regards to the football Saturday, it wasn't a fantastic game but we'll take the 3 points. Despite the Horley keeper not having a save to make in the first 45 we got ourselves in some pretty decent situations but failed to hit the target. If we had of it might have been a different game. It did become a different game when Horley brought on their young forward on the hour...their front 2 are quick and direct, a real challenge for any defence. At this point the game became far more even and could have swung either way. The one thing I can always rely on with my players is their resilience, a quality lost on a few of the posters on here, a quality vital in this league. Undoubtedly there are teams that play better football than us in this league, teams that score more attractive goals etc etc. Through luck or not it was up until last saturday that I had seen my team go 24 league games unbeaten....Spelthorne showing some real character themselves to beat us on the day and probably deservedly so. The team previously to beat us in the league - South Park who ended our then 12 unbeaten streak...
  13. Fair match report that Chris. Exciting game towards the end when it opened up a little and I think both teams were worthy of a point. In my opinion we stuttered our way through the first half without producing a great amount of quality although we did have the better of the chances (although you did have good chances yourselves). I think you deservedly went ahead which spurred us on a little, it wasn't until the 70 we really got going. That said, despite the equalizer and a fair amount of pressure you could have easily nicked the win as we left ourselves quite exposed going for the 3 points. I hope you stay together as your front 3 were a real danger and you defended bravely and in numbers. In my opinion its the best Colliers team I have seen for a long time and you could go far. Best of luck to you!
  14. Its only £7 tomorrow to see top of the table Cove go against 100% Molesey. Great value for money I'd say. Hope to see you all at Squirrel Lane
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