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  1. Video hopefully it's got deleted ages ago, You lot all knew I'd been bang on it all day then someone winner decides to stick The Prodigy on the juke box totally reckless.
  2. I have to agree with Patriot on this one probably my favourite season following the Blues even more so than the season before and that was ending up as champions as strange as it may sound. Can't even start to compare trips to Harrow Hendon and Met Police with Bath Salisbury and Chichester . And who will ever forget the weekend in Weston proper trips
  3. A Wimbourne Town spokesman says http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqomZQMZQCQ
  4. Brilliant Effort Well Done all involved
  5. Dodgy Scouser leaking stories on here Anyway it's FLASHBACK time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0TZLSTxefY
  6. I reckon they will leave about midday arrive about 2.45pm quick half a lager in the club house watch game and will be back on the 5.05pm train out of Lewes
  7. Cheers saves me working it out More times to follow from the locals when they can be arsed to put them on here
  8. No mate change of plan we were all looking at a minimum of £75 a pop in Lewes and Brighton was about a ton having to stay at least 2 nights , So as far as I know everyone going are going to pile down early doors make a day of it plus it gives us more to spend on refreshments all sorted for Margate a week later though.
  9. Seems to be quite a few up for this early season trip, some have already brought train tickets and it looks like people will be leaving at different times. Last year meeting place(The Lansdown) didn't open till 12pm so for the early arrivals The Royal Oak which is just up the hill opens at 11am. Then once the lazy crowd arrive we can move on.
  10. I didn't think we were that good fella See you all in July have a good summer people.
  11. Currently in Tuffnell park in a boozer called The Boston next stop Highgate pub is the Woodman. See you soon if you escaped
  12. Nice poster Times for this trip will be added this week by my new secretary Last chance too see the boys this season lets ave it.
  13. What a joke some of these ref's are a waste of oxygen, pain for anyone who went even more so for any Lowestoft fans who travelled .
  14. Just got in and still grinning not celebrated a goal like that since Margate loved it. Nice to see Robbo floating about after the game again , Super Robbo is my friend he hates Canvey
  15. I don't know anyone who didn't enjoy the trip was quality hopefully a little pre season jaunt over could be on the cards a cheeky Guernsey / Jersey double in the summer ? Or am I just being greedy
  16. Doing the off in 10 see some of you later about 6ish at the Harbour Lights. See the rest of you early doors tomorrow. Have a safe trip over people.
  17. Latest news coming off the Island http://www.thisisguernsey.com/sport/2013/10/15/cochrane-fit-to-face-billericay/ Also the weather is starting to look a little bit ropey.
  18. Apparently http://www.thisisguernsey.com/sport/2013/10/09/billericay-will-be-without-star-striker/
  19. Yep they will be showing this with free bar snacks Get ya flight booked and get involved You know you wanna
  20. That's a top effort fella proper old school style, pop in The Harbour Lights from 6pm on the Friday the plan is to stick a score in the juke box early doors and control the night's music(probably still get 10 songs for a quid in Guernsey) where you can DJ to your hearts content . Also during the evening we can all do rendition of We All Follow The Ricky and it will be the truth for once as we have all done the land bit now it's the sea
  21. Was a total walk in the park tonight at no point was it really an even game, obviously Hornchurch had a weakened team but boy did they dish up some serious dross tonight but you can only beat what is front of you. The poor keeper had a torrid evening the full backs were awful and I think one of the centre backs had never kicked a ball in his life . Anyway still a good win into the next round where i'm told we have the delights of going to Thurrock or Aveley lovely. Well done fella's
  22. Reckon I've found my local for the weekend http://www.liberationgroup.com/pubs/harbour-lights
  23. Well it's full speed ahead now, they just smashed Barkingside 6-0 gonna be a tough one.
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