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  1. evening all, I do not wish to reveal my real name but I have supported hornchurch for few years. I firstly want to congratulate colin, ken,tony and everyone else at the club for achieving promotion to the conference south. It is a truly remarkable achievement considering the dire state the club was in a couple of seasons ago. I am just wondering what is going on with sponsorship for next season. I have looked at other clubs and they are announcing sponsorship packages while we have not. I appreciate that we only found out what league we are in last week but I believe we need to get potential sponsorship in place for the upcoming season as we can potentially be £15,000 up! I feel strongly we need have sponsorship packages on the website and in the local press to attract local businesses to our beloved club. I have a few ideas that the club could advertise. Firstly the basics with prices; + Website Sponsorship + Programme Sponsorship (Full Page, 1/2 Page, 1/4 Page) - Whole season or 1 game + Advertising Hoardings Package + Shirt Sponsorship I have also thought of other ways of potential sponsorship + Stand sponsorship (hoardings on the back of the stand) + Matchday sponsorship (e.g. £100/game) + Burger Bar sponsorship? In return for sponsorship, we reserve a block of seats for sponsors. For example, the seating on the eastside is in blocks. The club could reserve a block (perhaps the block nearest to the directors box) for sponsors only who get access to the boardroom on matchdays. This could show we look after our sponsors So there's my thoughts. I appreciate your time afchfan
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