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  1. 25-June 11 - Happy Birthday Webbo MFI :)

  2. 25-June 10 - Happy Birthday Webbo MFI :)

  3. The regular forum is not closed
  4. Sorry about the official site forum closing - not my decision I'm afriad!
  5. Addlestones is ordered. £2.80 a pint bottle?
  6. That's a good idea DoY - one of your better ones.... So a cask of real ale probably has a life span of about 3 weeks? That works - not! Unless of course I open every day and become a pub.
  7. Strongbow on draught of course! Also looking to get Kopperberg cider or Addlestones(?) which I beleive is quite cloudy.
  8. no - not me! As near as damn it to the same place!
  9. Oh - I have spent 2 days, cleaning the lines, kitchen, bar, etc. so hope my efforts are appreciated! We have a nice line in background music too!
  10. I am planning on doing rolls but not on Tuesday I'm afraid - that said Tavern snacks have made a large delivery!
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