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  1. The regular forum is not closed
  2. Sorry about the official site forum closing - not my decision I'm afriad!
  3. Addlestones is ordered. £2.80 a pint bottle?
  4. That's a good idea DoY - one of your better ones.... So a cask of real ale probably has a life span of about 3 weeks? That works - not! Unless of course I open every day and become a pub.
  5. Strongbow on draught of course! Also looking to get Kopperberg cider or Addlestones(?) which I beleive is quite cloudy.
  6. no - not me! As near as damn it to the same place!
  7. Oh - I have spent 2 days, cleaning the lines, kitchen, bar, etc. so hope my efforts are appreciated! We have a nice line in background music too!
  8. I am planning on doing rolls but not on Tuesday I'm afraid - that said Tavern snacks have made a large delivery!
  9. Stuck with Carlsberg but am stocking real ales in bottles. So.. Have Carlsberg, Export, Ansells Bitter, Tetley, Guinness and maybe Holsten on draught. Tomorrow is our 1st night as it were.... and yes, I will be pulling pints!
  10. The Clubhouse has changed hands. I run it! The beer lines have been cleaned, and the toilets, bar, glasses etc. etc. We also sell coffee and tea... You are very welcome of course.
  11. The beer is much better now - and I should know!
  12. it's looks pretty out of date to me!
  13. Originally Posted By: Laz We have a friendly at Windsor and Eton on Saturday, kick off at noon. Website with up to date news News was not posted on the official site as the game was NOT confirmed.
  14. A tricky one this.. P-P? Do I get points for that? In the event the game goes ahed... Sutton 3 City 2 Elphick Att 368
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