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  1. congrats, good to see the club back in the league
  2. I've just moved to SW london and am looking for a step 6 club - does anyone know of any they'd recommend? New to the area so don't really know non-league clubs locally? Any help much appreciated Cheers
  3. surely a local derby against Walden would work for both clubs? Walden are going to need plenty of friendlies with a brand new team...
  4. Surely they should have some sort of budget...they always have good numbers attending the games? If they started paying a bit I'm sure they'd get a few decent players in and work their way to promotion. At that level players should really be getting some sortof wage otherwise they'll go somewhere else that can pay them
  5. fingers crossed they can get something sorted in time...far too good a club/ground/clubhouse to not have a team playing and it's about time they started challenging for honours. Hopefully the new managers can bring something to the club, they'll have a really good platform to build something special down there. Be interesting to see which of the old players come back, most have gone on to other clubs but i know a few will be tempted to go back and play...not sure if they'll be a budget there to attract some better players though?
  6. how are they going to get players in time for the new season?
  7. Saffron Walden are trying to get going but i don't think they're going to be able to get a team together in time for the new season. Well supported club with a great stand and set-up...such a shame they had to pull out last year really. on't think they'll want to go back into the ESL if they can help it though, their preference would be to go back into the Ridgeons league as the league itself is viewed as a much better platform.
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