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  1. And even if you were a E&E fan, why would you have any knowledge (note KNOWLEDGE, not idle speculation) of anyone's budget? If you're going to make such comments, you need to be able to back them up or be considered not much more than a s**t-stirrer.
  2. Smudge. You often mention the amount of money raised through fines. What do you think should happen to red/yellow card fines? Or indeed should there be any? Starter for 10: the opposing club should get any bookings money so they get some benefit from the transgression against them (I'm not necessarily advocating this but interested in people's opinions).
  3. When would he be the right man at the right time then out of interest?
  4. Ben is a really good bloke and is scoring a few as well.
  5. Thorougly enjoyed reading that 1966. Very interesting.
  6. Good luck - hope everything goes well for your step daughter.
  7. Exactly the sort of comment why men shouldn't be involved in football ;-)
  8. The 'if you don't like something don't go argument' is lazy and avoids having to address the issue of whether stripping is acceptable (mainly in my view cos of what it usually reveals about the person making the argument) which was the main point of the post. If something shouldn't be happening it shouldn't be happening irrelevant of whether I or anyone else is there or not. Lisa made a legitimate post - try engaging with what she said.
  9. Jason Pinnock is the same one who was at Banstead last year as were a couple of others in the squad. I know the Pinnock you mean but not the same one. An excellent second half earned a deserved win after a nervy first 45.
  10. No - the Ryman league are clear they are going to release them now.
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