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  1. This time, specifically for a few players looking at U21/1st team Football in the Farnborough/Cove/Badshot Lea/Guildford area with their contact details: DF Adam Ormerod 07896829186 (ex AFC Wimbledon, Brentford and Watford right-back) MF Michael Uche 07943656063 (currently training with QPR College) ST Adam Valu 07712114001 (ex-Manor Colts and Alton United) GK Kwaku De Gea 07539858088 (currently with Lambeth College) DF Joel Thomas 07903597917 (ex-Brentford & Wycombe Wanderers) MF Sam Tuohy 07590677947 (ex-Chelsea and Brentford trialist) MF Jordan Smith 07946223549 (ex-Woking Academy, currently training with Hampton & Richmond Reserves)
  2. I'll agree with you on that one, Rhodes. From what I saw of Exeter City, they looked negative and I think it'll be a tough season for them.
  3. Looks like a certain Mr. Clemmit was at the Mansfield game as well - blimey, next thing Mansfield will be hosting the city of culture (yes, I KNOW it's a town...)
  4. 'The following sums up the Stags start to the new campaign doesn't it and you have to feel sorry for Exeter City who are likely to be on the receiving end of a backlash tomorrow at Field Mill:' They drew 0-0. I saw the Sky Sports 'Access All Areas' report at Field Mill. John Radford, has to be said, needs to urgently find a comb and a stylist - he looked liked he'd got up half an hour ago and rushed to the ground. As for Mr. Rhodes pin-up, she definitely looks false. She seemed more interested in eyeing up the male reporter, and just regurgitated hyperbole's about how great Mansfield Town are (yadda yadda, kind of stuff most clubs say - makes good copy if nothing else). (Carolyn) Still, it's good to have The Stags back in the Football League (and please don't mention the Newport result )
  5. Getting back OT, this article by the BBC and Jonathon Porritt is certainly food for thought: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7884138.stm
  6. I'll humour you on this one. Yes, because General McArthur used Gloucester for some deep thinking. Now, if you don't mind, I have to goose step to the dinner table.
  7. Pot, kettle and black. At least that's how you are coming over these days - very bitter, nasty and arrogant it has to be said. I don't mind debate, but there is such a thing as decorum.
  8. I'd rather vote for a bunch of racists (as The Guardian terms UKIP) than EVER have to live under a Labour Government again. Ed the Lizard or Cabbage Patch Cameron? If these two are seriously our only options, then we are severely fecked.
  9. I am genuinely lost for words. Fine, let this country of ours be swamped by every race, colour and creed - just don't come crying to me when we can't cope. Done with this, as I'm obviously wrong.
  10. The bottom line, Loose, is that people by and large (not bi and large!) do not mind immigrants if they are coming here to work legally and pay their fair share of tax to HMRC. What we do object to is people coming over and abusing the benefits system. It is bad enough when you have indigenous a**ecake plankton who won't work and expect people like me to fund their existence. Don't believe that they don't fiddle the tax? Just go to the HMRC's 'Most Wanted' web page - I daresay that most of the people there aren't your traditional John Bull Britons! To be against mass immigration is not racist (even Labour have changed their tune) - our country can only sustain so many people before it completely breaks down.
  11. Loose, we have MEP's in the EU because they have been elected to work there for the British people (something the other political parties seem to have forgotten about). There are other anti-EU parties from various European nations there as well. I think that whilst a silly thing for him to say, the crux of his argument most people would agree with - that is, we are paying out far too much money to countries who don't need it (India, China, Pakistan and certain African nations). We need to look after our own people before we look after others. That's NOT to say that in the event of a natural disaster we don't help - of course we should in special circumstances. We are no longer a mega cash-rich nation, thanks to idiot bankers and the Blairy bunch.
  12. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYj5o4kQsXs[/media]
  13. I would say that alcoholism is an illness - I did drink quite heavily around the ages of 22 to 24, but I realised that I'd probably be dead if I carried on so I went teetotal for two years and it saved me. I like the odd drink now and again, but my days of 14 pints a night are gone.
  14. No real surprises from that report. Would David Attenborough and the other 'Stop At Two' campaigners dare to tell the Muslims/Chavs etc. not to breed more than two sprogs? Still, when the New World Order comes in, they'll be wiping 80% of us out anyway.
  15. If a Policeman/Policewoman is being attacked, then yes they have the right to self defence. However, excessive force isn't allowed, whether we agree on it or not. Society may be composed of some morons, yet the law still says that those morons have rights. At least we are still in somewhat of a democracy- in some countries you'd be shot for daring to oppose the police.
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