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    National Squad - 2nd XI
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    Football, Rugby, Non-League, Music - usual.
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    Arsenal, Gloucester City, UKFF, Guernsey and most local non-league clubs.
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    Veggie Hippies United aka Forest Green Rovers
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    Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Ross Allen, Pete Buxton, Henry Trinder (Gloucester RFC)
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    Football, Rugby, Cricket

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About Me

Used to play the beautiful game, now I'm happy to spectate and never shy to voice my opinion on the ever changing world of non-league football.


Gloucester is my home, and I'm truly privileged to be living in one of the most beautiful cities in Great Britain.


I'm a fan of Arsenal, Gloucester City and many local non-league sides. I'm not a fan of Forest Green Rovers though (nothing against the team or fans, more the little toad who runs the club), and my pet peeves are liars and idiots (can we have taxes brought in for these people?)


I'm also a fan of Gloucester RFC and an occasional 'Shed Head' (if you know anything about Kingsholm then you'll know what The Shed is!)


I try to be helpful and polite as possible, as I believe in leaving the world a better place than when I found it. Oh yeah, I am a big fan of XTC, Queen and other quality bands too.

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