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  1. stanstedfc

    Canvey Island FC First XI Squad 2013/14

    Just wishing good luck to your new signing - Sheldon Sellears....quality player who will do well.
  2. stanstedfc

    Go on then...........

    Totally agree, 3 trials sessions so far, seen about 60 players to date....signed a few...more to come back from there hols...very early doors, who will be about when the season starts, bet its about half of them!!! Stansted FC
  3. stanstedfc

    Pre Season Friendlies 2012

    All away Yep ALL away, ground not available for pre season Stansted FC
  4. stanstedfc

    Pre Season Friendlies 2012

    Friendly dates for Stansted FC Sat 14th July - Ampthill Town v Stansted FC Sat 21 July. - Bushill Rangers v Stansted FC Thurs 26 July - Old Chelmsfordians v Stansted FC Sat 28 July - Hannakins Farm v Stansted FC Tue 31 July - Debden Sports v Stansted FC Sat 11 Aug - Galleywood v Stansted FC
  5. stanstedfc

    Friendly Opposition Required

    Sorry not getting back earlier, we CANT do that early kick off. Apologies Stansted FC
  6. stanstedfc

    Friendly Opposition Required

    I will be having a meeting on wednesday evening, I will discuss with the manager if he feels we could get there for a 7 kick off. I will let you know, obviously in the meantime if you fulfil the fixture thats fine Stansted FC
  7. Thanks, look forward to it.
  8. Provisionally booked with Eric, will be confirmed this evening Stansted FC
  9. stanstedfc

    Friendly Opposition Required

    Hi, Are you still looking for a friendly on that date....if yes how about 7.30 as u about an hour from us Regards Stansted FC
  10. stanstedfc

    Pre Season Friendlies 2012

    Morning All Stansted FC, still looking to fill a couple of gaps, early mid July, away matches only, our ground not available. Any interest please message me first Thanks Stansted FC
  11. stanstedfc

    Pre Season Fixtures Required

    STANSTED FC (Essex Senior League) looking too fill some gaps in early mid july....Away only. message if interested Thanks Stansted FC
  12. Well they were, we had one with them, but now they are playing Barnet
  13. stanstedfc

    Stansted FC - Looking for Away Friendlies

    Have contacted Walden thanks, waiting for a decision from them. Thanks for that list Adam King - appreciate it. Stanted FC
  14. stanstedfc

    Pre Season Friendlies required.

    JB Swifts - Message sent with contact details Thanks Stansted FC
  15. stanstedfc

    Pre Season Friendlies required.

    Hi johnny Yep interested will message you our contact details tomorrow and we can hopefully arrange something