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  1. Chichester, nope don't remember that one http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/chichestercityfc/ Dorchester, now that's another matter. And great to see a good old discussion on the forum again. Tuesday football, Forum rants, Sapp’s penalty jig. Happy days
  2. Twitter and Website both reporting GAME ON tonight. Bar open from 6pm. Spread the word peoples.
  3. I see, so if Redbridge beat Chatham Town in the FA Trophy Preliminary Round and Barkingside do likewise against Guernsey, then as Redbridge will be at home in the 1st qualifying round, we’ll be playing Barkingside at their gaff on Sunday 20th… alternatively we have to make quick plans for our trip to the Channel Islands hopefully for a 3pm kick-off on the Saturday, or will that be 1pm given Guernsey’s preference to get teams on and off their island as quickly as possible.
  4. Has anyone else noticed that the Barkingside / Guernsey FA Trophy tie is now taking place on Sunday 6th Oct at 1pm.
  5. I was there, and it was a thoroughly deserved result in the end. Well done boys. You overcame all that was thrown at you by giving us a fully committed team performance. Did I not also see the first CIFC fans sneaking out with a good 15 minutes still to play Oh and remind me when was the last time we put out the same line up in consecutive matches? Nice to see things settling down and the wins coming.
  6. Summer Football for the Non-League game anyone? Kills two birds with one stone; fewer fixtures postponed due to the weather and less competition from the prima donnas
  7. And of course we get to keep the gate receipts, bar takings, lucky 7’s from August 18th. Better to have got something out of that game than being due to play them at home in a few weeks time on the cash flow front.
  8. TC how could you miss off our only HOME Tuesday night fixture. And what are we all going to do with our new found free Tuesday's, given this league shy's away from mid-week games and there's no league cup to distract us?
  9. Truro City Saturday 12th Jan Dorchester Tuesday 26th Feb Oh yuk but the nice weekend by the seaside is W.S.M Saturday 20th April
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