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  1. Went along to the sandhurst v dorking game and have to say both sides were pretty poor. Ref didn't help the game as he didn't really seem to have a clue but after going 2 nil up in the first half, dorking did come back into the game better in the second half. Neither side really seemed to have any real quality up front.


    What I didn't quite get was who was managing the players at Sandhurst as there were three people in the dugout trying too to the lead and when i asked one of the players who the manager was they said they were unsure.


    A lot of work to be done at sandhurst if they want to be promoted back up to the premier as they didn't really look much better than a park team.


    Overall pretty poor game to watch for the neutral but a good quality cup of tea and friendly people at the club.

  2. I think that is showing quite alot of arrogance Highmoor were missing quite a few players especially centre backs which are away on hols and there first choice left back. Have you considered that it may well be that Highmoor did there home work on windsor and there plan paid off.

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