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  1. 23-September 10 - Happy Birthday Harry J Allstars :)

  2. Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars You seem to be very suspicious of me Gary, I simply wanted to know your opinions. Well done for contacting Greg and seeing if we could have a consultation between the club and fans but you seem to be living in some sort of dream world where if we bang the drum loud enough then people will turn up just for the sake of it. Over the last few days we've discussed, Sky not showing us at home, the BBC South East not mentioning our results and the pathetic attendances we've been getting, all three things seem to be falsely grouped under the banner they don't l
  3. Carley Osbourne. Oh how I pray we get them in the FA Trophy.
  4. Eastbourne Borough away Setanta Shield, twice. James Smith and Kezzie Ibe.
  5. Originally Posted By: Darter This IS an unhealthy obsession. Says the woman who set up a forum just so she could have a go at MyFC. What formation should we play, Darter? What do you think about the programme? What do you think about our next two league games being moved at such short notice? Questions you couldn't give a toss about, why, because you're too busy on your MyFC soapbox.
  6. Originally Posted By: eufckev I have also heard rumour of an old face returning to Stonebridge Road... I know exactly who you mean and that would be totally awesome!
  7. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 I thought you knew me better than that. She doesn't run my life, I listen to both sides and make my mind up. I sincerely hope you are right, in knowing what is going on, but from experience, I have believed everything somebody who I trusted told me, only to be let down. Those people have many reasons to tell you everything is fine! Why don't you ask Darter where she stands on PTT, lets see if you're so quick to jump into bed with her then.
  8. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 Paul, after years of the Club being run by successive boards of 'Secret Squirrels', Myfc 'claimed' they would be transparent to the fans, they obviously haven't and still aren't! Don't blame the people who are fighting for the rights they were promised when they handed over their money, every member should be doing the same! I know exactly what is going on Les, but then I go to the games and talk to the CEO, Will Brooks etc. Don't let Darter run your life. She hasn't got a clue what is going on because she doesn't deserve to. There ar
  9. Yes, working out the inside outs of the Akinde transfer to Bristol City is really helping the club isn't it? Who cares, he's gone. Had he of stayed then no doubt you'd be finding reasons why that was a huge scandle as well.
  10. "I know who I would back in a fight between you and him Manic, have you seen him?" Posted by you Darter. We met at Barrow which was after the post on the link you provide and the way you talked to me there it was like we were long lost friends. Can you explain to me why you are so hot and cold. I assumed that you had forgiven me and that no apology was warranted. You will not get an apology from me Darter, as you continue to insult my friends on various forums. Good night.
  11. How will it "surprise me to know that you're not interested in my opinion"? Oh yeah, what a shocker! I'll still give it though, whether you want it or not.
  12. Originally Posted By: Darter No thanks Harry. When he's at a match, Mark's enjoying a day of football, full stop. I wouldn't bother people at matches. Mark stood for the Board, he should now answer the question. Well then don't pick and choose where is acceptable to ask him, ask him on MyFC or don't ask him at all. Half the people that read this forum are not MyFC members, they could not care less and why should they, they only care about Ebbsfleet United. The half that are MyFC members also could not care.
  13. Originally Posted By: Darter No, it's actually very pertinent Hannah, as these are the people who run the Society which owns the Fleet! If we were talking about just some little web forum, it WOULD be ridiculous, I agree. But things have come to a head recently. I'm sorry to intrude on the forum in this way, but you have some MyFC Board members posting here and we'd appreciate it if they could give us their side of things. Or to save us the hassle of reading all this [****!!****] on here you could come to the game and ask them.
  14. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin Originally Posted By: Hannah This all seems a bit ridiculous really. Just sayin... why does it seem ridiculous hannah....? say...just lets say... that you posted your disappointment on here over a team/players performance...your opinion as a fan...and you then find yourself banned from here because of your views... would that be ridiculous also...? Yes, that would be pathetic. Thank god it's never happened to me.
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