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A sad little man who was able to watch football last night, unlike windsor fans who have a club unable to pay a £24 fine.


So what is it - you are so hard up you cant afford £24, or is it total incompetance at windsor? not disimilar to the windsor offical who let the bar licence run out!


Also a pity that windsor fans have to resort to name calling!

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Staines Rebel you are a hypocrite. I quote one of your posts on the Slough site reference to a Didcot supporter and people from Didcot in general:


"After the toothless idiots stupidity at the home game I dont wish to hand over any of my money to a club supported by a bunch of inbred village idiots. "


Hardly in a position to slag off Windsor fans for name calling are you?

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So calling Dansilk Dansick isn't name calling is it?


Your so lucky getting to see football last night. I'd kill to see my club lose 4-1 against Hillingdon. Oh but i guess you were 'unlucky' again!!?


People like you make me hope you never get a ground in Slough ( quite why you want to play in that dump is beyond me) again!

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Originally Posted By: mal316
Bab, feel free to come back any time you like. wink

Nice to be made welcome.
Seriously though I wouldn't take any notice of him, he says it was nice being able to watch a game at Hillingdon but by his recent form I'm surprised he bothered to go. I quote him again:
"After the pi$$ poor performance of the last game away and the managers admitted lack of ability to motivate his team I will not be travelling to Didcot.

The weather looks freezing with the risk of rain and a lack of covering at one end and a bus stop at the other - not something to look forward too, I will save myself the expence of traveling and gate money to watch Slough get hammered again."

The weather wasn't great on Tuesday, and Hillingdon's ground not the best...
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I seem to remember that we slagged off Didcot fans when we went there in the cup.

Also Malc, You are a prick for not putting nothing on the forum. Are you telling me that a man in it industry doens't have access to the web via his mobile. Stop making excuses because the club haven't made one yet for that piss poor effort.

I don't remeber slough having any games called off for some idiots mistake and they are supposedly in a worse position than us!

As far as I'm concerned Staines Rebels first post was correct the name calling after that wasn't unless its slagging off Malc!


Can't be bothered to go to the Thatcham game as it will probably get called off for a 10p fine not paid unless they haven't paid the original fine!

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It's about time this forum stopped wasting time over some Sloughperson's "opinions" and got back to the matter in hand, which is the Bracknell game.

The longer this drags on the more rumours will start flying about - I've heard three already. So, to save anybody else the trouble, I would like to officially start the following rumours:

1) The youth team doesn't actually exist. It's just a front laundering money for Al Quieda and is currently being investigated by MI5.

2) Belma and Sally have been raiding the jar behind the bar where the 50 pence pieces for the floodlights are kept. When Malc came to raid it to pay the fines for the Youth Team there was nothing left, and the FA wouldn't accept Boots Gift Tokens.

3) Steve and Kevin have finally come out of the closet and eloped to Gretna on Tuesday night, kidnapping the referee to act as best man, and the entire Bracknell team as maids of honour.

Anybody who thinks they can top these are welcome to try. Alternatively, the club could let us know what is going on!


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Given that nobody from the club seems to want to inform anybody whatsoever on the current situation we must assume that "No News is Good News"


Using this principle one can only assume that the Thatcham game WILL go ahead, the Bracknell game WILL be replayed at a later date and the rumour that we might be forced to REPLAY last Saturday's game against Winchester is utter nonsense, also the Youth team game last night WAS postponed because of a waterlogged pitch, Gordon Brown knew nothing about illegal donations to the Labour party, Madeline McCain IS alive and well and the world WON'T end when earth is be hit by an asteroid in 2031.


Easy!!! I don't know why any of you were fretting

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Are we as supporters really asking for that much ? We want to know (and have since tuesday night) about what the hell went on 2 days ago. Why has there STILL been nothing 'official' put on the website, the Slough observer had an article out yesterday so why no comment, its a very very poor show and as I've said on many occasions we deserve better. Whoever is to blame should hold their hands up and then we can move on. I think people are more likely to respect you in the long run.

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Well a gentleman going under the name of Homer Simpson is claiming on the Bracknell forum that it is the fault of the FA and not the club. Is there anybody connected to WEFC who is absurdly jaundiced and has an affection for food that this Mr Simpson may be? Perhaps you could ask them for the latest update

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I have never done any name calling that has not been justified.


The toothless idiot was a toothless idiot!


Bab's you said "The weather wasn't great on Tuesday, and Hillingdon's ground not the best..." but its still better than Didcot on a sunny day - oh you dont get many sunny days in the shadow of the cooling towers.


Woody you were always sick after taking Dans load.


Is there anyone I missed?


P.S. I am glad to say that I wont be coming to windsor on boxing day as I wont be in the country to see the game called off for either waterlogged pitch, frozen pitch, lights not working, windsor being suspended from the league.


I can see the posts from you all saying I wont be missed - well you wont miss my £8 either!



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I do find it very funny the way you let Staines Rebel get to you. This coming from the "if you can't take it don't dish out bunch" who spent more time singing anti-Slough songs than pro-Windsor ones whilst knocking Hampton out of the Trophy (think it was the trophy maybe the cup anyway a while back).


Back on topic I don't know why someone official from Windosr didn't just come out and say we've been suspended for a £24 fine. If that was the case most people would say it was the B&BFA being petty and ridiculously unfair and heavy handed.

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we dont know martin. the only people that have really said anything is the observer online in which they said there would be a statement on the windsor website last night, and there is still nothing on it.

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Originally Posted By: Don Juan DeMarcus
Quick question, how do the Berks and Bucks FA have the right to call off a BGB league match? Or have i misread im in bed ill so its likely.

The Berks & Bucks, along with any other County FA, have the right to suspend any club that is affiliated with it for breach of rules where documented. Once they have suspended a club then they and any other club associated with them i.e. reserves and youth are suspended until whatever needs doing to lift the suspension is done.

The club along with the Berks & Bucks FA are working on a joint statement at the moment and it was hoped that it would have been released by now. The suspension was lifted on Wednesday and the matter is still ongoing which is why the club want to make sure, for legal reasons, that when a statement is released that they say the right things.

This is not a deliberate attempt to keep anyone in the dark or to cover up any wrong doing, both parties just want to make sure that whatever is said is factual and acurate.
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Exactly Hammerman. There should of been at the very least smething on the website saying the game was called off by now!! Some people more than likely have no idea whatsoever why the game was called off until the local papers came out!


A farce from start to finish!

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note: one notable non-contributor to this thread.




in many respects you can see where Malcolm is coming from when he talks of "legalities". we may have made an almighty rickett as a club in the non-payment of fines and I guess if we have we will come out and say it is our fault.


we do have however Peter Simpson who knows his "legalities" so perhaps we should trust him (just like we did for Carroll & Lane I hear you shout).




Hammerman - no need to insult Malcolm. He has to walk around day in day out with that face. is that not punishment enough.


Woody - very articulate as always. I think Malcolm acknowledges your point.


Saines Rebel - p1ss off.


We as supporters have been let down, our manager and our players have. But, if we keep airing our dirty washing in public then Numpty Rebel will have more ammunition.


When the facts are out then we can start marching down Peascod Street with heads on sticks.

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