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2007 /08 seasons thoughts

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Well how do you summ this last season. The budget cut from the previous season. Started off hoping for a top 6 finish. Looked on the cards then it all goes wrong. The sacking of the manager Robin Trott with two games to go!

A goalie that openly admits that he bneeds to work on his crosses and command his area better, you could hardly disagree with him.

IMO i think a lot of the blame for the very average to poor season has to be placed on Trotts head. We started the season with only 2 recognised defenders and it never improved. You can't blame SCS for all 68 goals that MFC conceeded in the league, as i have always said that a goalie is only as good as his defence and this year MFC did not have a defence. Too many players playing out of position too often.

On the plus side Pinns, Saunders, Jackson and Haworth all had a good season and the club have done well ibn signing Ryan Peters. I thought that Smith, Young and Morris improved well as the season went on.

IMO we need to retain the likes of Chalmers Stevens , Saunders, Pinnock, Haworth, Jackson, Peters, Young, Smith, Morris, Quain for next season. This would provide a solid base with some experience for the new manager whoever it may be to work with. The club then need to look at strengthening the back line. There is no point in scoring 70+ goals in a season if you are going to conceed 60+ goals. I would rather see MFC score 50 to 60 goals and conceed less than 30 even if that means going back to the days where if we went 1-0 up you knew full well that you could defend it90% of the time and take the 3 pts.

Lets hope for a better season next year and hopefully at least a place in the playoffs, but IMO if things dont change then it could be bleak times ahead.

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On the whole,not too bad a season I thought,thinking back. Those games where we lost good leads & when seemingly in total control stick in my mind.That defence again!.

The indiscipline in the changing rooms this year was something I hadn't seen here ever before. Sort that defence out,get discipline back & next season might just surprise some of us. Overall not to big a disappointment.

Would like to see the ground start to takes shape after all this waiting & those promises that seem to have been forgotten by those that made them.

Ramsgates good form will always go down as a bad memory for me but they have to be congratulated i.m.o no matter how much you dislike them.

We now have to go out there next season with whatever manager & playing staff we acquire & bite back...hard!

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