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A Trip Back In Time

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My other half was looking for something the other day, and came across what may be described as a historical curiosity - a copy of the programme for the league match against Wycombe Wanderers in January 1987. Quite asides from the fact the referee was Graham Poll and one of the linesmen was Andy D'Urso (which is, in a way, quite disutrbing), there all manner of other interesting titbits of information. Consider the following (taken from the "Non-League News" section)...


"A spectator had to be removed the crowd at Stevenage Borough's New Year's Day game at Boreham Wood. The spectator, believed to be supporting Stevenage, was persuaded to leave the ground by the prompt action of Boro vice-chairman Ken Vale and vice-president George Clarke after an incident involving linesman Mr Terry Barnes of Leighton Buzzard. Said Mr Barnes afterwards, "This man came up behind me and then ripped the county badge off my linesman's uniform. I immediately attracted the referee's attention". Referee Mr Nigel Ludlow of Hayes said he would be reporting the incident to the Vauxhall-Opel League".


Playing Wycombe in the League (Yeovil away the week before, in caseyou were wondering), Stevenage playing in a league below us - those were the days...


Consider this team line-up...


1. Mark Pearson

2. Sreve Oliver

3. Roy Davies

4. Alan Paradise

5. John Lacy

6. John Watt

7. Mark Biggins

8. Mick O'Shea

9. Nigel Johnson

10. Rob Smale

11. Phil Driver

12. Noel Fletcher

14. Warren Kelly


WHat a team! Can't somebody bring them all out of retirement?

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This may well be true, Paul, but where else would you learn the news that EFM defender Martin Chard played in the same football team as S Club 7 "star" Paul Catermole (St Albans City Under 10s, to be precise)?

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