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Will our new stadium have green space around it?

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Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1
Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz
There certainly won't be any green space around it if it is built in Kent!!

More likely to be grey cement dust! wink evil

Not now the works have closed. You'd be amazed at the transformation in Greenhithe too !!
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Originally Posted By: Claudius
Your new stadium?

With 50K+ per month as a operational loss?

Get real..you know this..still,you seems relaxed to just let it happen.

When MyFC goes down the drain end of season,what are you going to do?

Wait for Uri Geller?

Uri supports Exeter if i remember.
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I am from Sweden..so it should probably be spelled deep waters instead of deap after reading through my previous post.


Everything else..though..remains the same.


I thought Stonebridge Road was a decent arena when I was there.


G&N is a decent non league club..punching above it

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