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Slough were not great but don't take anything away from us. Best performance under Keith Scott and what a time to do it!! I'm covered in bruises from some of the celebrations!!! And who the hell soaked me with beer!?


Coyne's goal was fit for any match. As soon as it was struck it was in! And some of the other goals were great too!! Jr Coyne storming the pitch at FT was quality!!


Cracking atmosphere in the Stag and hounds afterwards with everyone singing! What a performance!! Was also nice to meet Mrs Hovis! What a first game for her to come to!!!

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Great Performance and Great result against a very poor team. 7 Games unbeaten now...

The team look very fit and have loads of skill and pace on the wings and up front. And the Back 4 are a very solid unit and if Cooper hadn't miscued his backpass I think it would have been the 3rd clean sheet on the spin. Best game I have seen Paul Coyne have in a Windsor shirt.


I like the way no Slough Fans have commented on this forum yet, no doubt if the result had gone the other way they would have all been on here Crowing!! After all, they do have 200 odd fans blah blah blah....

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I don't think I've seen Windsor play that well since Lewes away a few years back.


It could have been a lot more too, they're keeper was probably their best player, he made some really good saves and had no chance with any of the goals.


Although it was a thoroughly good team performance with everyone playing well, I take my hat off to Coyne & Seedel in the middle of the park, Coyne was simply magnificent with Seedel being a revelation along side him.


Well done to Keith, Jim and all the players, last nights display was a joy to watch.





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Wow wow wow!!!


As Mrs Cat said, havent seen a perfomance like that for a few seasons now, coyney ran the game from the start and great to see him back at the meadow!


Seedel has settled well in the centre of midfield, and is getting better and better.


As you say mike, top of the league, but played a few more games than others, so cant read too much into that for now!


UTR and 3 points on saturday!

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I think most of the talking is done on our forum, not much need for us to come over here! But I will repeat that I thought Windsor were fantastic last night and would have beaten anyone in this league playing like that. Some absolutely beautiful goals which most keepers would have struggled with.


We could not have played you at a worse time with our problems and your recent form and I think it was obvious from the start that we were there for the taking with the back 4 we played (which in turn meant a weak midfield).


It was a real low point but when we have everyone available and a settled side, I would not think we'll be conceding 6 again this season. In fact I think the result was a microcosm of our season so far - we have no problems scoring (Platt and Jordan scored the only two chances we had and they were both good finishes) but we can't defend!

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Originally Posted By: Woody WEFC
even more silent than they were last night it seems!!

I could honestly say the same for you guys though and that is despite the fact you have clearly picked up a few more fans these days. The mob behind the goal seemed larger than in previous years but we couldn't hear you/them from the other end.

I honestly do believe it is because the ground is so open and any noise just seems to drift away.

That said you don't need to worry about stoking the derby atmosphere when you have Scott etc on the bench roaring the team forward and clear passion from the players. Some beautiful goals which meant I didn't begrudge the
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way more comments on the game on our own forum than on this one so thats not really a great attempt of slagging our fans of


anyway fair play windsor your team was so much more up for it and its just a shame you had to play so well the first 60 odd minutes. i assume the fans sound level went down after that because your team had seemingly stopped trying to humiliate our team so thanks for that. im sure it could have been at least 2 more if windsor wanted it to be

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To be honest last night was far and above our best showing for a long time. Since being in this league we've always looked like we could stuff somebody with it never quite happening. We could of had 6 against AFC hayes we just didn't take our chances. Last night we did and then some! 3 of the goals were worthy of any game but to do it against that lot North of the river was fantastic!!!


Lets get 3 points on saturday which will put us in a great postion for Totton away!!

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[****!!****] the bed gentlemen! My first derby and I can say I was not disappointed. Nor was Mrs Hovis who thoroughly enjoyed the display, or goal fest, or massacre, or beasting or general slaughter. Which ever way you choose to describe it we did not expect it however we bloody well enjoyed it!


Glad to see Jake Parsons playing (as I'm sure he is) he added to our fantastic midfield commanded by Coyney and Seeds. I wonder if Seeds is enjoying his new position. I'm certain most of the fans are. Joey seemed to play good football too; he was a lot more up for it and didn't seem to bottle it!


As described on our site we did have the most random three minutes of football which gave Slough the consolation goals. Did we cheer when Slough scored to be sporting or take the piss? I believe it maybe the latter.


You should read some of the comments on the Slough forum regarding Lee Riddle's sending off. Some describing it as a miracle Lazarus would be proud of! Calm down, temper, temper Mr. Riddle. Did you really expect to get away with a dive and an aggressive outburst in front of the ref? Thought not...!


Well done to the Slough fans for the turn out! I'm looking forward to going north of the river in the New Year! Let

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