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FA Trophy 1st Round Draw

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Originally Posted By: Jeff
I just want to have a nose around their ground Special K.

I went up to see the Dartford Vs Dover match earlier on this season to see what was so good about their ground(Only went because the fleet where away and I just didn't fancy going on a long trip and of course I was bored and wanted my Football fix). I admit that it is a nice ground(Not better than Stonebridge Road) but it does have a few flaws imho. Like the roofs are way too high and if the rain is blowing towards you, you will still get wet even if you are at the back of the terrace. And I know it will only take them as far as the Connie South before they would have to build on it again.

Oh and the match was good seeing as Dartford lost 2-0^^

If The Fleet do get Dartford Away I reckon we would take the largest away supporter they have had at the ground.
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Originally Posted By: Stu M
Originally Posted By: Bernard
I've never been to Cornwall

Like Histon but with hills. And seagulls. And moors.

.......... and pasties !!!!!!!!!!!!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!
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