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After a week of improvements to the food things were back to their usual way yesterday, in my opinion.


My cheeseburger tasted like it has been cooked at least a hour before I ate it, and when the bloke warmed it up it seemed he believed that 10 seconds on the griddle would be sufficient. Obviously it wasn't and my burger was stone cold!


Surely it's common sense that on a cold day like yesterday that other methods are going to have be thought of to keep the food warm rather than just leaving it exposed to get cold?


My brother was ill when he got in and it is thought that was caused by the Chips and hot dog he had at football.


Most disappointing, will we ever be getting a long term fix for this serious lingering problem?

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Originally Posted By: Our Team
ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yawn..is that what its coming too ..what are you expecting nouvelle cuisine?

I don't think it is too much to expect a hot drink to actually be hot, especially at the prices being charged.

I didn't go there yesterday. It seems that I made the right move. smile
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Originally Posted By: BustaGut
We found the chips were not cooked enough. but hotdog was nice

The chips I had were drastically undercooked, and they had about 40 burgers already cooked sitting cold which they'd heat up for a very short time before putting them in a bun. Much better to properly cook the burgers all the time, afterall there was constant demand all the way through.
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Originally Posted By: EUFC superb
Just a suggestion here, but is there any chance of offering soup on cold days like Sunday?

That's the plan. It should be available from the "little kiosk" once we start(although I have to admit it wasn't put to a vote doah). Not far away either.
So far, us privileged lot in the Boardroom have sampled both home-made vegetable and leek and potato. Both very nice and very warming...
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