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It is unclear why Liam has gone so public with this.

They are his players, he brought them into the club for their ability and "honesty" - we have seen (most of) them perform brilliantly at the showpiece final in the best stadium in the world.

They didn't need motivation for that.

The team DO have the talent.

They CAN play good attractive football, WITH the killer instinct to demolish teams.

The two things that spring to mind are, lack of motivation ( ie players are "regular" first choice with little chance of getting dropped, and fringe players seem to have little opportunity to shine in the first team (late substitutions and consecutive unchanged teams following poor performances and results).

It occurred to me that maybe the team are being asked to play a style of football (direct/route 1) to which they are unaccustomed and uncomfortable.

All this is down to the manager.

There are few excuses.

We have a fully fit squad apart from MaCarthy, who is probably in his last season anyway.

The club have a record playing budget.

All the team are Liam's.

He has the largest squad available to him the club have ever had (21 + the PASE lads).

Whilst in a delicate position financially, the club have never had so much income than in the last 12 months, through MYFC, merchandise sales and the Trophy, so no excuses there.

So many questions, so few answers.

Worthy of a sensible debate, without Bilbo Baggins turning this into a "Hempstead Gaz hates Liam" match?


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From http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/paulfletcher/2008/12/the_continuing_adventures_of_a.html#043733


"For me 85% of management is how you handle your players. If you get them playing for you and ensure they respect you then you have a very good chance of being successful."


Some players need an arm putting around them, others a kick up the backside"


Puting his thoughts in the pulic domain can have a number of positives - the main one being for the guilty talked of player(s) to read it and it being a kick up the a$$ to them, in a different way it could when confronted face to face or being shouted at. It also has another effect of giving us fans a reason as to why he is doing what he is, perhaps to keep the more pessemisitic fans off his back - which is definately fair enough IMO.


We've only really seen a tiny insight into Liam's head in this interview, in the full one he makes a point of not going into depth in the press (i.e. not Evans), so he's exploring different avenues to get the best out of the players, which at the moment he clearly is not.

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Hg was you at the dover game??? it was very poor and no one stood out...if anyone it was dover that were better so how you can say we have a second team i don't no!


You obs have problem with some of our first team at the mo and are often calling for murray and hand and ibe but they did nothing in that game and also to say murray is creative is beyond me. YOu have put him centre half in your line up but he doesn't play there would you rather smith and mac not play just to squeeze him in????????


What liam is trying to tell you is that these players you think should play are no better than what are and obs don't give a dam in training so get off the lot that are starting back and try get behind them and if these other players deliver in training then liam may give them a chance but surely we want the ones that care to play ahead of the ones th at dont....


Liams knows more than us and i think he will get it right in the end but other than loans i don't think the other players are the answer and think that a quick striker is needed if we can find one . Hopefully this interview will give the others a kick up the bum and prove to liam that they should play.

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Murray Hand and Long were the midfield tonight, with Moore in behind Purcell and Ibe.

The midfield were a class act. Controlled everthing from the start.

Suberb interpassing, and quality passes for the forwards to feed off - everything on the deck, too.

Pooley and Charles looked commanding, composed and creative at the back, too. Cannot remember a hoofed clearance a la Smith.

What I am saying, is that with a couple of tweaks (Ricketts for Slatter, Gash for Purcell) there is no reason why 9 of the starting XI tonight shouldn't start on Saturday.

Or liam could go for BB's favoured team, 5 hulking defenders, hoofing the ball up to 5 big forwards.

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Agreed, HG - 1st goal - a Stevenage attack breaks down - swift break out(think we actually had 6 against 3 at one point)- ball played through to Long, who slips a pass inside the right back for Purcell to run onto and finish 1st time into the far corner.


2nd one saw the ball bouncing around on the top of the Stevenage box - eventually collected by Long, who put his effort just in the bottom corner (although the keeper should probably have saved it)


3rd was a good one two between Long & Moore, with Long's 1st time effort from the top of the box again just inside the keepers right hand post.


Long deserved his MOM, but as usual Darius wasnt far behind.


Attendance was only 9 more than the KSC last week at 286.


Its now 5 games in all competitions since the opposition scored at Stonebridge Road - now all we need to do is score regularly at the other end and we'll be set!


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Stevenage were very rubbish though. It has to be said.


Best I have seen us since FGR away. My neck is not sore this evening and we won 3-0. Co-incidence?


Great to meet you Gary. Shame it was not longer but I was itching for the Swanscombe end.

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Just because we dont choose to rattle on about everything and nothing just so as to make the most posts in a month does not mean we are not entitled to an opinion and to express them when we feel fit to do so!


If you feel it was a reserve game why did you give your opinion on how well you feel the players you mentioned that night played, and why they should be given a chance in the starting line up?



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I have never given an opinion on how the boys played against Dover.

I have only given examples from others.

The only comment I made from that game was

"A good result against an in-form side, fielding a strong line up.

I suppose it does show we have reasonable strength in depth to be able to put out a weakened side and still grind out a result."

Hardly critical, was I?

It WAS a reserve game.

What part of that have you failed to understand?

Not related to Bilbo Baggins or Clowntown , are you?

If you want to continue debating, yje first rule is at least get the basic facts right first.

The second rule is, criticise without giving your own opinion.

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