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Thats better-Fleet!!!

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All round good preformance tonight , Liams roasting must have had some affect. Suprised he kept so many first choice players in the squad tonight, but credit to them they battled tonight. Stevenage were woeful , thats taking nothing away from our lads who beat them fair and square tonight , with Torquay out , we must fancy our chances to go all the way in this competition.

Well done !!!!!

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Already through in Southern Section - Forest Green and Salisbury. Final Team from South is either Crawley or Chelmsford whose game is on 16 December.


Northern half has Kettering and AFC Telford through (Telford beat Burton 3-0 tonight), with the other 2 places to be filled by Barrow/York (Postponed tonight due to frozen pitch) and Wrexham/ Southport (9/12).


As Our Team says, we have a decent chance of winning this - ok, its not great for prestige purposes, but the prize money would come in very handy!

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Originally Posted By: Hannah
We have scored 7 goals against Stevenage at home this season. That's pretty good going! Maybe Stevenage are scared of us.

I think Stevenage only had 1 shot on target earlier this season, and 1 again tonight - they will certainly be glad that they dont have to play us again this season at our ground (unless we draw them in the Trophy, of course!)
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...but where was everyone?


Ok so it was very cold, ok so there was live football on the box, ok Dartford were at home too, ok so we have 3 games at home in 8 days, ok so it was only the SC, ok we have not exactly been playing well, ok so it was still a tenner to get in, ok they only brought 36...but 280 odd!


Mind you those who stayed away missed some pretty good on the floor stuff by us and the 1st and 3rd goals were cracking moves worth the admission alone.



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