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It will be intruiging to se how many, if any, of last night's team are left out against Weymouth.

For virtually the first time this season, we played as a cohesive unit, full of purpose, passing and running into space.

Passes over head height could be counted on 2 hands.

I know Satanage were dreadful, but they had to be beate. Had we played poorly, we may have only drawn.

As it was , we played first class football and won convincingly.

The fringe players have responded positively to Liam's public tongue lashing, .

Let us hope that those players are given the opportunity to start on Saturday.

The cynic in me (much to BB's delight) feels Smith,Barrett, Stone, Gash and Delicate will return.

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I like it - Hempstead Gaz - a very positive post

I take some of my criticism back

I am not convinced Purcell or Delicate are quite good enough(or what we need up front) so Gash will definitely come back in for Weymouth game.

The one thing with George Purcell is that you have to play it on the ground with him. No point playing it in the air to him so it is an option

Stating the obvious I know but the next two home games (Weymouth and Forest Green) are ones we need to win (and should if we play well)


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Hempstead Gaz last nights performance proved that fringe players can always perform against lesser oposition, and look good. It does not prove they can crack it up against the bigger boys and week in week out! Of course I am talking about Burnley v Arsenal!!

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