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The Contingency Plan?

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Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz
A bit radical, but it might be worth trying next year, all under 16's free., whether with an adult or without. There probably aren't that many attending now - say around 100 , so the income loss would be negligable. They might, however, eat a burger, buy a 50/50 ticket, buy a programme, buy a famous aero drink instead. Income would be recovered that way. Word of mouth would soon spread around the schools that watching Fleet is good value for a Saturday afternoon rather than hanging around outside an empty Woolworths store, and a few, some or many may invite mums and dads along. That is what is needed to get the crowds back up to 1800.
Oh, and Claudius, only respond if you have something of worth to say.

We've tried the kids go free for a few games haven't we, it boosted the attendance by about 7.
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That was the problem, Hannah - it was for a few games, which didn't give the scheme enough time to spread the word.

To be serious, the plan needs a full season - - even with enducements - 10 ticket stubs = a Fleet baseball cap, or something on those lines.

And no, Claudius, I am happy to enter debate when there is good arguement behind the debate, ask Harry J, or Billy Nick.

You may find it hard to accept, but the regular Fleet fan is the innocent in all this. You complain that we have our heads in the sand, but we are powerless to act. MYFC members are the owners and decision makers, any problems are of their making , not ours. We just pick up the pieces.

The regular attendees are the folks who put real money into the club - usually

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I've been a supporter since I was 14 right and when I used to tell fellow male friends at the time what club I supported it was always "ohh they're ****, they're not even in the league." I've never met anyone my age from then until now who respect the fact that I support the local club. It's not "cool," and I think our location doesn't help, being close to all the much bigger London clubs, whom these people supported.


Not to tar everyone with the same brush, but from experience I conclude it'll be very hard to get the youth of the local aera reguarly attending the matches. It's more of a family thing that gets people into it in my opinion, and we have a family gate for discounts.

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Originally Posted By: Hannah
I've been a supporter since I was 14 right and when I used to tell fellow male friends at the time what club I supported it was always "ohh they're ****, they're not even in the league."

Haha. It gets no easier as you get older Hannah.
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No I haven't and will not.

My reasons remain the same as they were on day 1 - PTT. I welcomed the financial input of MYFC, and all the other things they brought to the club, but it is against my most basic priciples to allow any Tom, Dick or Harry from Outer Mongolia, Timbucktoo or Aberdeen choose which team I will pay upwards of

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probably done this then HG but why not pay 35 quid and vote coach picks team?


if you dont know the last one was close 50 votes or so would have made it for ptt.


wouldnt you rather be in there batting for your view?


im jeff from surrey and I vote ptt and I know why you think i shouldnt!


its tricky and im still trying to get my head round it.

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Originally Posted By: Stu M
I have. Like Gaz, I'm no advocate of PTT either though feel the desire to have a say in player contracts, transfer ins and outs, etc, is actually more unworkable than PTT.

i struggle with that too. there are plenty who dont think they have the knowledge or whatever to PTT but think they can decide to sack daish or sell the striker they cant decide to pick each game.

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I can undestand the feelings of GAZ,STU and every fleet fan with regards to PTT.

But in the interests of honesty the marketing savy punchline of "own the club, pick the team" should be removed IMO.They're primary selling points and at best are misleading.The year old marketing spiel should at least be updated to advice future

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Originally Posted By: thespursfan
you can pick the team of course, it may or may not be the one that plays.

you own a year share in 75% of something!

any different to gillette , the best a man can get?

a mars a day helps you work rest and play?

Sorry mate i stand by what i have said above, football fans have long been taken for granted, to sucker more people in using that tagline is frankly dishonest.
The MYFC team have an obligation to clarify its position and be truthful, otherwise you will have a new batch of people fighting for what was promiced, and another year of infighting over PTT.
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Im not very far off your view billy.

ive just assumed im not myfc and googled it one click and i see this:

Before every match, MyFootballClub members have a say in team selection. They can back the coaching staff's judgement, or choose to pick the team and formation themselves.


now to be fair ive read that and know its the truth and what it means, I knew that when i joined just a month ago.


maybe someone new or less experienced in english football matters will read own the club pick the team for 35 pounds and believe they will be chairman owner and manager, Daniel Levy Joe Lewis harry redknapp and bloody chirpy the cockerell.


own the club pick the team,

to dare is to do,

honit soit qui mal y pense and caveat emptor.

every little helps.






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