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The Contingency Plan?

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I see that Eufc fans has started to call for Daish to get the sack.There might be one way open for you to accomplish that.

Paradox..let MyFC PTT.Daish might well walk if being presented with the starting lineup,and the club will be free from the contract with him.

You save money this way..you got nothing to lose IMO.


Daish will probably get you relegated looking at the trend and the rather long serie of recent results.


It is up to you,once again.Will you do the right thing?


I am not holding my breath,let me assure you of that!

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Claudius, get yourself clued up.


Go back a few years on this forum and look at the discussions that took place when GNFC first moved to full-time professional status. At that time, most people realised that the move was not sustainable unless attendances increased dramatically. Most doubted that would happen. Long-standing GNFC/EUFC fans understand that the full-time, professional football that is needed to be consistently successful at conference level is not sustainable in Gravesham because there is not the level of support for the football team.


When MYFC turned up in 2007/2008 the team was on the point of having to go back to part-time football. At worst, MYFC have delayed that by one year. If enough people renew, we might get a second year. But there is one thing we understand all too well - without an external source of funds EUFC cannot remain full-time professional.


So talk of contingency plans or action plans just shows a complete lack of understanding of the financial realities of football at this level.


To put it simply, we are too close to London and the premiership teams there. Too many football fans from this area travel up to London to watch football. This makes it nigh on impossible to get the attendances needed to fund a full-time team. As a result we have to look/hope for a succession of rich owners who are prepared to sink a lot of money into it before their coffers are exhausted and they pass it on to another owner. MYFC is just one of those owners. When they sell their shares, someone else will become the owner(s). That is the way non-league football works here (and to a large extent, so does football at all levels).


Full-time professional status has been a great experiment. Maybe it will last a bit longer, maybe not. If it does not last, then it will not be a disaster. The club will continue in its old form. And I, for one, will still be supporting it.



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It will probably worry you Mr Mushroom,but I do agree with your last post here.


Strictly looking from a MyFC perspective,it was a disastrous decision to buy the club EUFC.Who do you think was the man behind the purchase?It might even be so,that the purchase was agreed on in principle as early as March 07.


Strictly looking from a MyFC perspective,the wise decision when the society indeed had the money from 25K+ members would have been to start from scratch with a new club in an area where the potential for growth would have been maximized..or perhaps tried to buy a low level club in an area with much greater potential than Gravesham/Northfleet/Swanscombe could ever offer.


I would have liked Dudley myself..low level team in a pretty big town with some potential in the surrounding areas as well.


Fulltime professional status will be disastrous for you sooner or later.What happens the day the club isn

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Originally Posted By: eufckev
you should've applied for the board when you first joined the club.

He did Kevin. However, it was all a bit too difficult for him so he walked away like a martyr to the cause.

However, he has 'done loads of good work' for MyFC. It's just it is soooo top secret that no-one knows what it is and he doesn't tell us.
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