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The new EUFC forum - deceitful tricks

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Hmm, I don't think I actually did that Hannah - I am quite a seasoned forum poster and I was particularly careful here as I had been warned that it was a hostile environment. Still, from your point of view I wasn't careful enough, so sorry about that.

However, there has been a tendency on here to lump us all together - one poster comes on and stirs it up a bit, and suddenly we are all classed as troublemakers.

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The reason the first memebrs of MyFC were given such a rough ride was they came here boasting about how they were the saviours of the Club!

Then there was Lord Haw Haw, who came on here blanket posting the 'Word of Willie' morning noon and night.

Once things settled down and the true Football fans emerged, they were treated with the same respect they showed the 'Locals'!

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Jeff, there were no suitable grounds near enough to Edgware, that was the problem. And it's important to engage the local community, as you know!


As for mascots ... Alexander was a local bishop, and we will be playing in all-purple (I was outvoted, lol), so you could do an ecclesiastical thing Stu grin

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Originally Posted By: Darter
Will you be kit man then Les?? biglaugh

.... and I always thought he was a T-I-T man !


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they were certainly a bit miffed at the start jeff, but are now quite glad there will be no new edgware, from the comments Ive read on the ff forums.


most have moved on to follow the old team where they go and hope maybe one day there will be a club in the town they can watch again.


its a lesson to us all dont assume your club will always be there, do what you can to keep it going as long as possible.


remember West Green Borough fc?

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They still don't know how it happened in the first place.

Reasonable explanation?That is if you believe that a computer glitch only effects MYFC members! druff

But i await with interest how V intends to explain it away!!

He lives in Norway does our V the sun may not come up for another 4 months there, but thats no excuse to keep the rest of us in the dark!

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