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Slough v Windsor

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Staines Rebel, I read with interest your comments to Woody about our lack of support in terms of numbers yesterday. As Windsorian pointed out were you counting people down the sides? When I read your comments about us not bringing many fans with us, it got me thinking about recent attendances for Windsor/Slough games. Some interesting trends:


2005/06 Windsor v Slough (crowd 609) / Slough v Windsor (crowd 506)

2006/07 We did not play each other

2007/08 Windsor v Slough (crowd 405) / Slough v Windsor (crowd 260)

2008/09 Windsor v Slough (crowd 431) / Slough v Windsor (crowd 385)


So to conclude, for the third season running in which we have played Windsor have recorded the highest home attendance, by quite some margin.

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Yeah, great stat that. Just shows that we travel well away. Most teams in this league over the past seasons get better gates when we travel away to play them.


Even some of the local press in the stand commented that you did not seem to have many there considering your unbeaten run and you are going for promotion.


It's not a dig, I like Windsor, but just the way it was.

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exactly ...we alway bring hundreds to windsor, while you only bring a token guesture..of a poor supported team that are playing some great football and like some other slough supporters , when you beat us 6 - 2 you were the best team we had seen this season...


poor woody ..as I said above a few with sour grapes...


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How do you explain the 260 last year then did a lot of slough fans stay at home.

I counted loads down the sides,just because we are not big on wearing replica shirts doesnt mean we arent there. Im not claiming our away support is as good as slough of course it isnt but considering your history,size etc you are down to the bare bones i would have thought. I overheard a slough fan say he knew of lots of slough fans who would watch slough if they were back in slough.

How is the ground proposal going ? Hope it genuinely works out for you and that you get your ground, i heard a slough fan say that there was serious hold ups with raising the money in loans and that there might be a delay that and slough council having to find

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Its not soul grapes. It's Fantastic to see how worked up people get about stats. You estimate around 80 windsor fans i said we'd bring around a hundred. It's no big shock your better supported than we are!!! However that gap is getting closer all the time! ( although i doubt we'll beat you as slough is after all a bigger town!)


Chris it is fantastic to see you getting so worked up and trying to get a response. I'll take that as a sign of jealousy of us having a good season!


Keep on giving it the biggun because we're laughing at you! A grown man giving it some because the team you watch won a game of football!! Pathetic!



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Hundreds to windsor really ?

Regarding the sour grapes i thought windsor fans behaved with dignity after thrashing you 6-2 and genuinely felt a bit sorry.

Compare that with yesterdays behaviour of idiots verbally abusing players and giving it the big one.

Well as they say pride comes before a fall.

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Windsorian - if you look at Horsham Rebels photos of the first half there is a maximum of 45 Windsor fans behind the goal - there are around 10 Slough fans in the picture as they prefer to stay that end.


Second half it looks like there are about 35 Windsor fans behind the open end - pictures not as clear, but it did look less.


I think my figure of 80 is about right considering there would be about half behind the goal and the other half along the sides, that is the usual Slough ratio.


When Slough were playing at Stag meadow our normal gate was 350+, so a derby game would have the same 250-300 Slough fans turn up, so yes it is correct to say Slough have bought hundreds to derbies at windsor recently.


As to verbal abuse of players, you forget the hand gesture of Matt Sedele to the Slough fans when he came out for the second half, I dont think he was advertising Kenco!


And you are correct, pride does come before a fall, as was proved yesterday - who stoped an 18 match unbeaten run?

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As I've said all along, Windsor can win this league.

We've just got to believe!


Chenns,Butts,Coops,Willo,Wallo,Seeds,Mary,Mungo,Midge,you can cement your names into the pantheon of Windsor folklore.

The names of you few,you precious few,will be forever uttered in hushed,reverential tones.

We just have to believe!






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Woody ...a reaction ... comes from both ...you have also reacted to the debate...pot kettle black...


and as for attendences ..come on Windsor..get real just have a look at the southern league web site facts and figures don't lie... and a fair few clubs have had there biggest crowds when slough are in town...


not that your beleive these figures I guess...


also your 2nd in the league (and as I have said you are a great team and were clearly the best team we have played this season) and good luck to your promotion ...but one thing youlle never beat is the number of supporters ..either at home or travelling away...







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Are we back to the size of fans again, oh dear oh dear. Windsor when top of the Isthmian Premier (Now Conference South)coul only get 350 to 400 tops with derby matches against Slough topping 2,000+ at one stage. If we take it that Windsor are now averaging (taking the last few games as a marker cos we are near the top etc) we are getting around 200 or so. Not bad ass this is over half the amount we got at our peak when we were at our best. What about Slough, at their best they were getting 1,500+ so where have all these loyal fans gone? Some move away, pass on, just lose interest, but that is an awful lot of fans. Windsor does not have a large fan base, historically or otherwise, Slough does so where are they? It is like comparing Wimbledon in the Premier to Everton, one will always have a much larger number of fans, but you seem to think that makes these fans any better or worse, it doesn't, it just means one has had more success, or has a better demographic for support or just enjoys more support. So one to drop i think, as we all know the answer, oh and 36 away in the league cup?!?!?!? (sorry had to throw that one in, just for comedy value smile

Good luck for the rest of the season

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I wasn't one of those 36 as I arrived 40 minutes late having been stuck in a blizzard and therefore wasn't counted through the turnstiles (and didn't pay either) so I don't think it is the ideal game to use to back up your point. We actually still managed to outnumber the home fans despite the conditions. It was a very weird game particularly as Luton 11 miles away was called off. We once played in supporters match against Hampton which had a bigger atendance than that!


Our attendances are actually pathetic for a town our size. It has everything to do with losing the ground, slipping dramatcially down the pyramid and becoming nomadic ground sharers. A bit of success and we'd have decent crowds again as some people simply will not watch this standard of football. But I think we can all agree that Saturday's game had plenty of entertainment value.

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And what does Attendance prove? Slough have a bigger following and are lower mid table, Windsor have a lesser following but are second?

Slough supporters always refer to their large support, when in fact its the performance on the pitch that counts, not the number through the gates.

Good luck to both teams, but so what if Slough have 250 fans, Windsor are second in the league and have something to play for this season

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