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Who will own the New Ground.......

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...If it ever gets built?

Strange over at the Ostrich Farm Official Forum, all talk of a new ground is under censorship, because it is the property of MyFC. Does that mean the New Ground will be the sole property of MyFC and not belong to EUFC?

Surely that is a dangerous thing to allow to happen? If MyFC struggle to survive this year and the ground goes ahead, then MyFC folds later, that would leave the Club without a ground!


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AFF, i don't think there will be a new ground, in fact if there was it would never be owned by MYFC anyway as they just don't have the money.

First off talking about a new ground while the club is in financial turmoil is foolish in the extreme, never mind in the current financial climate.


If the fleet were ever to get a new ground it could only ever come about with funding from the local council along the lines of Dartfords new stadium. And it would be a multi use stadium for the local community, MYFC would have no part in any form of ownership.

MYFC have a track record of witholding financial information from its membership among many other things.

I would take little notice of reports of new stadiums.

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I think that you are missing the point Les.


The new ground is supposed to be more than just a ground, it will be prt of a development that will include additional income streams for the Club.


Whether in the client ecomonic climate this will still happen remains to be seen.


As regards to Finacing the development this is supposed to come from the main developer (who needs the ground to get the planning permission)


At least that is my understanding of the position.

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Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1
Thanks David...............Wouldn't it have been nice for the Club Officials to have made that statement..............Oh they can't, it is only for the MyFC faithful!

They did. It's been on the club website:

"Whilst these organisations can and have helped in various ways, they are not in a situation to throw money at
a new stadium and nor, so far, have any suitable council-owned sites been identified. The club itself has not been able to
spend the millions that are needed so our plan has been to have the stadium built as part of a much larger property
development in conjunction with a development partner who has the experience, enthusiasm and financial muscle to
deliver this type of project"

Developers weren't revealed, but most of this info has been made public. Still, I wouldn't let that stand in the way of a good old moan, Les... wink

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