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And your point is?


The swastika used to be a common image on of peace if I am not mistaken. Yet people now remove these old images just because Hitler used it.


If he used the symbol of a black and white football, every game would probably now be played with red balls.


It is all daft and stupid.


There is nothing wrong in what the queen did as a child. Children learn by play - simples!

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The Sun is a disgrace,how they still manage to pull in readers is beyond me.....although it does go to show the amount of total idiots who read that rag in this country   I would t mind betting tho

Who gives a sh*t. Waste of space the lot.

I would keep the monarchy,they are a very important part of our country & union. The rest i would tell to jog on but our capital city is full of history and getting rid of this by getting rid of

There is nothing wrong in what the queen did as a child

That's exactly my point, she didn't know any better or what she was doing.

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