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From the Bedfordshire County Football League website :


Just One Left On Tomorrow

With four more clubs putting up the Snow Off signs, the prospects of play tomorrow in The Bedfordshire County Football League rests on the Division Two clash between Kings AFC and Bedford Hatters at King George VI Playing Fields.


The club is planning to inspect the pitch at 10.00am tomorrow morning, the result of which will be posted to site as soon as possible after that time.


So just one possible match left across all the Divisions. I think that tells its own tale of how severe this weather actually is. I don't remember anything like it in recent years.


Yes OK, point made,so theres no problem with your groundshare, im almost tempted to say 'the lady doth protest too much', by the way what did happen to them Morrissey tickets?

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Lesbos - I see that there is a piece on the Non League Today Website admitting that Southill Alexander have underachieved on the field of play this season but also states that off it everything in the garden is very much rosy, I wonder whether that really is the case:





just read it Cliff, its a good read but a bit of confusion i think, seven day approaches are NOT needed for step seven clubs.

you only put in a seven dayer if the club is step 5 or above,the only thing the clubs should do if a player is dual registered is tell each other about any suspensions.

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Lesbos - Thanks for clearing that up and I suppose it also helps if the 'importing Club' is made aware of any monies outstanding with the 'exporting Club' so it can be settled, I doubt Langford had to worry about that though when they secured the services of Adam Wombwell from Southill Alexander recently


the point is Cliff a club can dual register a player from a step seven club without informing them and the player can play for both clubs,maybe one at the weekend and one midweek, i wouldnt know if any player has been deregistered from Southill to join another club, personally i would have kept them on the books just in case things didnt work out at their new club, hundreds of players are now registered with both ESL and Ryman teams, i only deregister players if they are transfered to a team in the same league or are signing contracted terms at another club.

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