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What u say to that rose coloured glasses group, S@@T !!!

The Realistic Blue

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Well what can you say to that the peeps, no manager no new stadium a side that would have trouble having to grace the Kent league. You tell me any positives in the last 6 years, two relegations no new ground having to travel to Dover and Asford ground knocked down relegated last year should have, deserved to have gone down. Four managers in god knows what time, ive lost count with the players. Its a joke, lowest attendances for years, people have had enough, the clubs going knowhere and people have had ENOUGH!!!!! Dont give me any Bull@@@@ about excuses and buddy buddies this is not acceptable, fans are sick to death with whats happened in the last 6 years and i guarantee it will be less than 200 attendances soon. Margate FC need a whole new change and fresh start everywhere, SUPPORTERS DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!!!! ITS A F@@KING JOKE.

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