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Survival ?


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Trawling through last years results it shows that after 26 games we were on 22 points, thats 3 LESS than what we are on this season. However after the 26th game we went on our best run and out of the last 16 games we had 7 wins 3 draws and 6 defeats, and technically were still relegated. Therefore we need to better that perfomance to stand any chance of surviving, which I believe is not going to be possible. Having said that we need to try and get behind the players in the remaining matches until it is mathematically impossible to survive. I know theres not many of us supporters left but I will make every effort to try and get to as many games that I can to support the club to trry and get us through this.

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Agreed. Is it safe to say that we seriously envisage the worst happening as things stand? I think expect is too strong a word at this point. Certainly the odds are against us.


Therefore a little Dunkirk spirit from the stands would be useful, instead of the booing and heckling that always seems to go on, even if we see a repeat of last night's performance.


After all, the players that get booed might not be here next year, but we will have to live with the consequesnces of their actions, so maybe we should 'support' the players in order to support our club!


That said, I am perversely thankful that I have a season ticket. I'm tight and I want value so will attend all matches!

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