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Attempt at Nathan Jack Song


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(Tracy Jacks) works in civil service

(Tracy Jacks) it's steady employment

(Tracy Jacks) is a golfing fanatic

(Tracy Jacks) but his put is erratic

(Tracy Jacks) saw a harley street doctor

(Tracy Jacks) who prescribed healthy living

(Tracy Jacks) but he's getting past forty

(Tracy Jacks) and all the seams are splitting


Everyday he got closer

He knew in his heart he was over

I'd love to stay here and be normal

But it's just so overrated


New(Nathan Jack) played for the Totton

(Nathan Jack) it wasn’t enjoyment

(Nathan Jack) is an unknown quantity

(Nathan Jack) but his pace is electric

(Nathan Jack) saw the Windsor & Eton

(Nathan Jack) who inspired to the title

(Nathan Jack) scored on his debut

(Nathan Jack) and all the goal seams are splitting


The Titles getting closer

He knew in his heart it was over

I'd love to stay here in the South & West

But it's just so overrated

Edited by HumptyWefc
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Boring? Perhaps. Easy to learn and sing...YES and that's all that matters with football songs! That said the Bob the builder/Chenns song will never ever fully catch on and for very good reason!!!


We've got plenty more songs than the andover barmy army which was "Lions, lions lions" and "ANDOVER! ANDOVER!" How did he think them up!?

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Bob the Builder song is great, (it is easy to learn, scans well and peaks to a loud finish) Woody you don't like it because you are a contrary persion and would argue with yourself if you could agree on a subject to argue about.


My other attempt was top the tune of We Will Rock You


Scott's got a team

Its a good team, strong team

We're gonna challenge for the title this year

We've got talent and pace

A goalscoring Ace

Picking up points all over the place


Singing we will, we will beat you!!


Well I like it, I am sure Woody will not,

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Well I like it, I am sure Woody will not,


This is the exact negative vibes i was banging on about in the car on the way back from Andover. Mostly coming from yourself!!! :smilewinkgrin:


Do one to the tune of something off classical FM. Best station for miles!

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Woody, we come up with songs and all you do is poo poo them, unfortunately we poo poo your poo poos and that is a very dangerous thing to do!!!


If only everyone knew when to stop and do the da da da-da da-da WOOO!!! (well at the same time anyway). There is only one negative person in the car Woody and it is always you. The only person who gets near to you is Humpty and his dislike of Joe.


Oh and I have gone right of Twix since our journey back from Andover!!

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See what i mean! More moaning!! :dance (2):


And the fact no-one knows when to stop the do-do-do-do chant adds a 'row-row-row the boat' quality to it...of course it doesnt help we only tend to do it when we've had a few!


Your just seeing your own negatvity in me mate!

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I don't dislike Joe. I just think he has lost his confidence and can do so much better.


At least I have never tried to punch an opposing supporter and had to be held back by 3 people!!!

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I think Joe has a great deal of ability but i agree with Humpty in that he needs to believe in himself more. He seems reluctant to take players on at times when he's quite cabable of going past them. He can deliver a good cross though and i still think he's the best option on the left.

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