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Billy is returning for tomorrow nights game....

Top Cat

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Great news that Billy is back tonight. Lets hope he quickly recovers the form he was in before the injury, but it's been a long lay-off so probably best not to expect too much immidiately.


...has anyone seen Matt Games story in there this week about his departure from NL...shocking stuff :bartshocked:


That's an interesting inteview with Matt Game. Here's a couple of snippets.



On his Broken Leg at Hornchurch:-


He did consider trying to claim compensation but couldn't get video footage of the incident from Hornchurch and never pursued it further.

He said: "How it wasn't a red card I'll never know, he came in high in mid air and followed through and that was it.

"I thought about trying to get something out of it but it never happened, it never went any further."



And on his departure from 'ricay:-


Game spent five years at Billericay, barely playing in the last two seasons, but says the reason he left New Lodge was because he felt this year could have been his last in football and he wanted to play at the highest level.

"I though long and had about leaving," he said.

"I didn't know how long I could keep on playing because of the injury and playing at a better level, well it was a no brainer really.

"Never has it been about the money, Braintree did offer me slightly better terms but that didn't really matter - I wanted to explain that to the Billericay fans but never really got a chance


Full article at www.thisistotalessex.com

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