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A Big Thank you


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To those dedicated people who organised the race night last night. Grahame, Cookie and the others including Grahames wife Jackie who laid on the food. Unfortunately it was probably on the worst night in Margates history after our worst ever run so that was reflected in the attendance. But for those of us who were there, we had a very enjoyable night and hopefully raised some more valuable cash for the club.


For those of you who have not attended before, please consider it next time as it really is good fun and would really make for a good atmosphere with a packed clubhouse.

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well said,it was the first time me and my family have been to one of these events and we really enjoyed it. the food was awesome and the racing was fun,just hope the low turnout doesnt affect the enthusiasm of the people that arranged it. we will be attending future events events like this.

i would also need to know which horses have three legs and a fat jockey cos i seemed to back this horse all evening and i wouldnt want to miss out on him in the future!!!

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Thanks for your comments. It was a pleasure. I will pass your comments about the food onto my wife.

As Margateshot said, we unfortunately picked the worst night in the teams recent history.

I cannot blame the players and management for not staying behind to support us.

We hope to hold another race night in the future. Unfortunately, I have been informed we will have to find another venue. Perhaps a more central position. I have one in mind.

Thanks to all who attended, not forgetting Broadstairs Dave, Neeteretep, C&J promotions, along with The Margate learning Zone for their support. Cookie and his good lady for their Stirling work. Alan Bonner for leaving his sick bed to help.

I will be in a position to tell you how much we raised in a couple of days.

Thank you all.

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