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Slough Town 3-1 Leighton Town


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How we won that i'll never know. Leighton hit the bar twice and will be scratching their heads as to how they lost it. We were poor for 70 minutes, but in the last twenty-minutes when the two subs were introduced it changed the game.


The last twenty minutes are how we have to play all the time against the better sides in this league. High tempo and in their faces. Leighton learnt (as Chesham did last week) that if you are in our faces at times we struggle. Last twenty minutes we did exactly what they did for the first seventy and it won us the game. We won't be allowed to get the ball down and play at our own pace as sides let us early in the season as teams know about us now, and our threats. We must do what other teams do to us.


Having said that maybe we've deserved some luck thinking of some matches we lave lost points on this season. Hopefully that gives us a good boost as over the last few games we've looked like our heads are down at times.


Still think we need an up and at them central midfielder. Harps does OK, but rather see him at centre back. Think a new face or two may freshen things up as well in the run-in.

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Agree Chris, the team who played the last 20 mins should be the team that starts on Saturday.


It has proved who the two forwards should be as they are far more effective than any other combination.


However if Leighton had scored a second from the one which was put over from a couple of yards out, the result would have been completely different and I doubt we would have come back into the game.

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Don't really know what to make of that performance. Up until about 20mins from the end we had been quite poor, slow on the ball and constantly under pressure from Leighton.


Then came the big moments...Sonner and Buchanan on for Martin and Clarke in quick succession, and both went on to get a goal each to put us in front. Sonner from a low header off an Edgeworth corner, and Buchanan with a low shot from a tight angle across the goal (on the right hand side...not bad considering he was playing down the left), before Sippett's shot was tipped onto the post by the keeper and Sinclair put in the loose ball.

After the subs we suddenly got on the front foot, holding up the ball, passing better, and putting the pressure on Leighton in their own half, where up until the subs it had been the other way around for most of the game.

Hopefully come Saturday we can start playing from the start! Once we got going we looked very good, but we cannot afford to play so poorly for 70mins too often!

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for a long time it looked like a win was near impossible but we got the job done in the end after finally playing near enough as well as we can. this was never going to be an easy game and the fact we got the result shows we are strong enough to keep hold of that playoff spot. however should we carry on playing as we did almost all the 1st half and a fair bit of the 2nd half we will get punished on other days.


Leighton seemed to slightly fall into the trap we do sometimes when ahead in they sat back slightly.


Buchanan and Sonner changed the game and lifted the rest of the team in the process. the 2 strikers that started had next to nothing to feed off of at all.


once we upped the tempo a bit it was a joy to watch and we bulldozered them last 20 minutes. something we seem to have so rarely seen at home this season


Sippetts was so unlucky not to get his first goal with the keeper pulling off a blinding save which then hit the post with Sinclair doing the rest but goals will come for him eventually. good step up in terms of playing time for him today which can only be a good thing

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I agree, yes we have good striking options available to us in Buchanan and Sonner but I think that on saturday i would start buchanan on the left wing so he can use his pace a bit more.


I would then start Sonner who has two in two atm and sippetts up front.


The problem for me is i kept hearing sippetts was not match fit but unless we continue to play him he wont become match fit and last night was the first step in the right direction


If we can get him fit he will be a big part of the end of the season im sure......


Based on last night i think the team have shown character against a very good side to turn it around. This makes me more confident we can hold our own should we be in the playoffs


So lets push on now and as SB says worry about our own results. There is still 39 points to play for including all the teams above us.... Although a big ask we could still win the league if results go our way

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Leighton weren't that good a side, they just did what every side that has beaten Slough this season has done, get stuck in and play at a higher tempo than we can seemingly be bothered to play at.


I know people will sight Perks' kicking last night, but the 2 saves he made to push Leighton's efforts onto the bar (especially the 1st at stretch) were key to Slough staying in the game.


Got to wonder what has happened to NBH since the start of the season, his recent performances have been very below par (to be kind) with the needless penalty incident at Chesham and the ridiculous goal conceded last night where he pelted the ball at their attacker. A stark contrast since the start of the season, perhaps he thinks he is too good for the league?

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In a word ( FRUSTRATING) for all the management / players and supporters ...for sure...



lets all try to be positive....and realise how far we have come in the last 6 months ..


lets keep cool heads ...and times will get better for our club..for sure...


good home support last considering the weather and so much bloody football on the TV...


up the rebels... chris s

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Agree with almost all above, First 70minutes we werelucky not to be well behind, perks made a coupleof good saves, thought Deano and (First half MOM for me- Danny Murphy) kept us in it.


20minutes was a different story not just Sonner and Buchanan WHO WERE EXCELLENT. But the rest of the team seemed inspired by them and they all improved, at points it looked like Murphy, Harper and NBH were all carrying injuries.


But to be honest sign of a good side, play absolute [****!!****] for 70 and nick it.

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