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Unrecognized Genius

As someone who ...

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...could easily hang around with Snow White, if I stuck on a false beard and got a silly hat, I've taken an interest, over the years, in chaps who could say the same thing & who've pulled on the Fleet jersey.

The visual image of Huggy Leroy partnering Ben Abbey up front made me feel proud on behalf of all vertically challenged people & called to mind those from the past. As there's nothing much else going on at the moment, I though I'd compile my own 'little' list. Perhaps people would like to add any I've missed.

EC's Little List of Fleet Greats (or not)

Tommy Watson
Somebody or other (Tony?) Winston (played briefly around 1977)
Dave Bostock (not sure he quite had the require lack of inches)
Pip Jeffery
Gary Groome (Played in the shortest Fleet team of all time. I'd swear there wasn't a player over 5'8'' in the whole squad at one time)
Gary Aldous
Gary's assistant - Papa Smurf - premature dementia has erased his name from my memory (Peter ...?)
Louis Afor
Justin Skinner (just)
Ben Abbey
Leroy Huggers (if he signs)

That's my starter then. Any additions gratefully received.


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Along the line of vertically challenged players, Yeovil looked to have an entire squad of midgets last season, and were by far the best team in the league - maybe if we could keep the ball down and play it about like Yeovil then a couple of sub 6 footers up front won't matter ?

I'm not so sure it's Liam's height that needs replacing, more his tenacity and bulldog approach to chasing every lost cause.

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When we won the Ryman, the reason we did so well in the first half of the season is because we DID play football, i.e. ball to feet, good passing, all the stuff you want and basically out-played everyone. It seems from the home Canvey game onwards, including last season, we've been pumping balls up the middle instead of keeping possession and working an opening. Admittingly, there are better players in the Conference who will close you down quicker but there are also some bloody big centre-halves who are going to deal the high balls every time. And I've gone totally AWOL from the original thread subject!! Never mind,eh. If you fancy a grin, though, visit the Canvey forum. They're having a right old go with the Southend lot and it's worth sticking your oar in now and again!!

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You're right on Papa Smurf. Peter Cofill, indeed.

Name came back to me, as I strolled to the gym this morning. Got to compensate for the lack of inches (head to toe only, I hasten to add) somehow. Oooh! You should see my six pack, ladies.

Of your suggestions, I can remember Peter Allwright. Can't put a face to Bobby Gibson, but the name rings a bell. Late 70s/early 80s? My 1st season was the year we got promoted to the Southern Premier only to tumble down the next. Either 70/71 or 71/72.

Totally agree with Dave Powell & Tony postman Towner. (Is Lee Turner still similarly employed?)

How tall were Tony Weston & Dave Sargeant?


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