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Once again we have only 'GONE AND BLOODY DONE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Yep that bloody 'PUB TEAM FROM ESSEX'<p>What a game - PETER SMITH - you are a hero, the play from him was miles apart from anyone else on the pitch and quite rightly he was given man of the match. Again Greggors showed what a fearsome chap he is. But that aside the whole team get my admiration and thanks for a wonderful game and terryifying 90 minutes.<p>Whilst many may not have been happy with the comments of Laurenson and Brooking they were gentlemen after the game along with 'little garth' who were happy to pose for pics not that the same could be said for 'up my own backside Hansen!' who couldnt leave the ground quick enough.<p>Once again all the players, Jeff, Glenn, Harry and all the back room staff including Mickey thanks for yet another page in the history of Canvey Island. You are all what make the team great!<p>Yep, I have only just returned from the clubhouse what a great bloody dayyyyyyyyy

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