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Burnley train station - turf

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Hi all,

Which station in Burnley will you be landing at??

Burnley Manchester Rd is on the Preston to Leeds line (10 mins to the turf) and Burnley Central is on the dead end line to Colne (10-15 mins to the turf). Both are in easy walking distance (it's only a small town (90k population)

<img src="graemlins/clown.gif" border="0" alt="clown" />

Try Streetmap for a better look at the area,<p>Hodgy (Up the Clarets!)

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Good Question...?

Everyone just supports Burnley cos were from Burnley and are very proud of the club and the town - its not the best place in the world - but its ours!!

I think thats why we understand the supporters of clubs like yourselves cos its a **** site easier to support a "big club" than your local team! Don't forget in the early 80's we were getting 2000 gates and had to win the last game of the season against Orient to stay in the league - very dark days so we appreciate where we are now (Not like those B**tards 15 mile down the road).<p>We get a lot of support form the local towns (Todmorden, Accrington, Nelson-Colne, Clitheroe etc.) How many do you think will make the trip and whats the atmosphere in Canvey Town? bet is good!!<p>Hodgy

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