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Try a browser recache

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Occasionally, after upgrading our forums here you might notice some oddities with the display or operation of the software. Many times this is due to cached CSS or Javascript files in your browser, and the only way to resolve the problems is to clear your browser cache. This article describes how to do that in various popular browsers currently available.


Essentially if you do not think it looks right, then try the following, depending upon your browser....


Internet Explorer 7 & 8

Click "Tools" either in the menu bar at the top, or the "Tools" menu on the tab navigation bar

Click "Internet Options"

Under "Browsing history" click "Delete"

Ensure "Temporary Internet files" is checked, and untick "Preserve Favourites website data". Any other boxes are optional.

Click "Delete" at the bottom

Click "Ok"


Firefox 3.5+

Click "Tools" in the menu bar

Click "Clear Recent History"

Change "Time range to clear" to "Everything"

Ensure "Cache" is checked. Any other boxes are optional.

Click "Clear Now"


Safari 4+

Click "Edit" in the menu bar

Click "Empty Cache"

Click "Empty"


Opera 10

Click "Tools" in the menu bar

Click "Delete Private Data"

Click "Details" to expand the options

Ensure "Delete entire cache" is checked. Any other boxes are optional.

Click "Delete"


Chrome 2 (default theme)

Click the "wrench" icon at the top right

Click "Clear Browsing Data"

Ensure "Empty the cache" is checked. Any other boxes are optional.

Change "Clear data from this period" to "Everything"

Click "Clear Browsing Data"



These steps can resolve many oddities you may face on any website immediately after an upgrade is performed.

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