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Phil Old Boy

Who Will Play Against Burnley?

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I fear we don't have enough natural defenders for 4-5-1.<p>Just take a look at who's out:<p>Smith - Suspended

Bodley - injured

Dicks - injured

Tilson - injured

Gregory - injured(?)<p>Have I forgotten anybody!?<p>I think we have to go for:<p>1. Harrison

2. Kennedy

3. Knight/Duffy

4. Chenery

5. Bennett

6. Ward

7. Cobb

8. Stimson

9. Boylan

10. Miller

11. Parmenter<p>Subs - Thompson, Tanner, Duffy/Knight, Vaughan, Johnson/or anyone else that's fit enough! <p>Maybe Britts would have to be recalled to the squad!<p>[ 31 December 2001: This message was edited by: Matt CIFC ]</p>

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