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On behalf of the Club I wanted to say a sincere Thank You to all those who attended tonight's Open Meeting and made it go well by asking some excellent questions. Your participation was much appreciated. Hopefully, some notes will get produced by Miss Moneypenny and sent to Mal for onward distribution.


Amazingly, the rush for Pledge Forms at the end of the meeting resulted in £2,280 being pledged tonight alone, and raised the total to over £4,000. That's a magnificent gesture from a loyal group of supporters. Can't thank you all enough.


All we need now to cap the week is for a massive amount of us to make it to Brackley on Saturday and cheer the lads on to a great win, providing further progress in the Trophy and some more cash in the coffers. No pressure then, Dave!


Makes you proud to be part of such a great club.

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Sounds like Doris is a bit of a racist, and can only slag others off rather than come up with ideas to save WEFC.


Windsor had the chance to reduce their debts when they took £75000 in rent from Slough plus all the takings from the food and bar, but it looks like they just pee'd it up the wall - I have no sympathy for them and will no longer post any more positive comments on here like the supporters setting up a trust (which was ignored) - with the ignorance and arogance of the likes of Doris I hope they go bust!

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Thanks SR, Doris has been working hard to make the club survive,(and he is actually quite an intelligent chap for the record, just gets incensed when people try to wind us up in trying times) setting up the trust is something that has been discussed and the idea, although good in principal for a club of Slough's size and support, just didn't work for us.


Most of the fans are trying to be positive and help resolve the situation, there are plans moving forward (they are in public domian) but the immediate problem is trying to be resolved so that we can survive.


If you have nothing positive to say on this forum i would prefer it if you didn't say anything at all and just left, you clearly have no respect for Windsor as a club or the fans who truly love the club if all you can do is post negative and antagonistic comments. Wishing a club to fail shows a disrespect for football in general, well done you!!!


What has happened in the past is disappointing for all concerned, but we are trying to get the club on a level footing and ensure this doesn't happen again, and however that happens will happen, I just hope i have a club to support at the end of the season.


so please remove your self until you can be civil and play nicely

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Gabadia, Kabbadi, Jappati, Chappati, Poppadom, Pappadam?? I used the Mumbai spelling.


No racist SR...just a guess based on the fact the majority of Slough are of Asian origin, 51.8% of pupils in Slough have English as a 2nd language, there are not too many Asian gentleman playing in the Premiership or any other pro or semi pro divisions in England. So I reckon I wouldnt be too far off the mark. Quite happy for you to play the racist card, you fill your boots.


I basically dont like you, think you are a tit....


Get yourself down to Burnham's opening meeting on 8th November see if you can persuade them to let you lot takeover - perhaps finally find yourself a home?


As for us, we'll continue to sit with our heads in the sand hoping our fairy godfather arrives - or is fairy godfather homophobic?


Did you see we got turned over yesterday? How'd you do against 2nd bottom Soham?

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Slough is one of the most religous areas in the country! Clearly due to Slough fans praying for a new ground! :smilewinkgrin: Perhaps Windsor will follow suit with people praying that a third winding up order isnt issued and the HMRC take 10k and give the club a chance rather than take nowt and give up!

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here's a question I would like to throw out to SR and WR, and this is a genuine question, so I would like a genuine answer, how are Slough financed. I would guess there is no way the gate receipts can pay for the squad and you don't get the benefits of the receipts from the ground as it isn't yours. I only ask as Windsor have taken a lot of flak for relying on a wealthy benefactor and existing beyond our means, and a lot of it is accurate (if painful to read and accept).


So how does Slough maintain a positive cash flow and remain solvent, on the basis of the evidence I would have to say a wealthy benefactor, if not what are you doing that Windsor could learn from, where does the steady stream of cash come from?


I hope I don't get a stream of silly answers as i am interested to see what will stop Slough going the way of Windsor?






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The simple answer is most clubs at this level and above are helped out by a benefactor, and I'm pretty sure we're no different, you're quite right. As for going the same way as Windsor - we already nearly have, at least once!

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Fuzzy: here is your answer to the best of my knowledge (I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong). Yes, we do have a chairman who has made his money

in business over the years and is now retired and contributing to the club. However, despite the fact that we have to pay rent to Beaconsfield we still make money for the club via attendance figures. Most clubs in this league get around 100, we average 250, so in some ways we are no worse off not having our own ground/bar takings,

as the extra gate receipts, of say 150 above the league average is money for the club. BTW, the chairman is very shrewd and is drip feeding money into the club,

so contrary to popular opinion we do not have a huge playing budget.

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W&E's average league attendance this season in 207, Slough's 263.


Not a huge difference in revenue terms.


I don't claim to know anything about Slough's finances but if average gate receipts are £1500 per game (I doubt it'd be that much as presumably there are similar concessions to ours) that only produces a total revenue of £30k + a bit from cup games.


With rent to pay out of that (how much?) and no / minimal additional income from bar receipts or functions there ain't a lot left for the football staff.


Sorry to drag Slough further into this discussion as our concerns are our own but it is interesting to look at the alternative route taken by Slough. It doesn't look to me like they are likely to be any more self-funding than we are. Am I missing something in Slough's case? Apart from the benefactor situation, is there another source of income?

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We also have an active Supporters Trust which generates money for the club via fund-raising, raffles, parties, raffle tickets etc.


So do we and, although you have bigger gates / more supporters, having our own facilities means we don't have to pay for hire of rooms etc. which probably helps us turn in similar profits to yours...?? Maybe you're different but with the best will in the world (and there appears to be plenty of it collectively) I wouldn't imagine we'd clear more than a few grand from all the events combined over the course of a year. (And I'm certainly not sniffing at that!!)


Pure guesswork all that.


PS Didn't see the earlier replies...

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Good question Fuzzy Royal.


I think the trick which Slough and our Chairman have adopted is to have as many revenue streams as possible considering we dont have our own ground.


Some of these are, golden goal, match sponsors, match ball sponsors, matchday mascots, club shop, programmes, 500 club, sponsored goals, ground advertising, shirt sponsors - not all are big incomes but they add up.


The other trick is to sell as many season tickets as possible so that you know at the begining of the season what the budget is - yes season tickets are discounted compared to full match price, but the club has all the money up front.


As has been mentioned above, a shrewed chairman who makes the manager balance his books (not a dig at Windsor) by releasing players to bring others in.


The Trust is there with money in the bank for a rainy day - totally independant of the club, and this was vital in the days of Deaner with his hand out!


The Supporters Trust also support the youth side so this cost is removed from the club.


There are a couple of less formal groups such as the Barmy Army and Rebel Rousers who also chip in with funds.


The final and most impressive are the co-sponsored events where the proceeds are split to fund the club and various charities, these have included Ian and co's bike rides, and the now extream marathon walks (6 days to Sutton Coalfield last year - well done Martin and Kay).


Lots of little contributions to the cost of running the club which people find easy to give to without hurting their pocket but with tangable benifits.

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I very much hope Windsor do not go into administration.


This is what wikipedia says on the topic

"A company in administration is operated by the Administrator (as interim Chief Executive) on behalf of the creditors as a going concern while options are sought short of liquidation. These options include recapitalising the business, selling the business to new owners, or demerging it into elements that can be sold and closing the remainder."


Your assets are very limited, and it's difficult to see how you can, at the current level, with the current wagebill, be a going concern. Unless those you owe money to are willing to waive the debts (directors debts maybe, HMRC unlikely), I think you are deep in the mire.


I'm not stirring it here as I want you around so we (Slough) can enjoy beating you I just think that your position is one that is more serious than many seem to realise.

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