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More money problems for Peter Simpson?

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Danger mouse ...did you read my reply ?


its ever harder when you don't have a ground... we hope for your survival ...and at least you will still have your ground to re form..if it goes against you..


its cost us over 100,000 pounds to keep our dreams alive..with rents and expenses..



we genuinely wish you well ....

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I didn't think Peter Simpson came across at all well at the meeting tonight. Thank goodness someone stepped in just as he was about to go on about the floodlights - yet again. Yawn! it's very clear that Peter has held back information, deliberate or otherwise, but the club is paddling towards Wednesday's deadline with a pretty strong current. It's such a great shame but it's not terminal, the club will live to fight another day, we have the support of many people and financial support of Kevin so let's look to the future now and although it may not seem it, it is exciting. New start, new way forward with a good future. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen.

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Sounds pretty dire for WEFC, but if you guys have the spirit and will you can come back, you have a ground at least. Don't want to dwell on crazy management of the club, because the supporters didn't do this and it's you supporters that need to take control and forget about these other would be owners.


Supporters Trust? Have you started it up yet? You need to get cracking.


I know how I've felt in the past with our troubles, so I'm genuinely sorry for you all.


Best of luck

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