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Wobbly Wayne rides again

Its an away game, unswerving support please

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We've had good fortune and spirit,since I've taken to pre match prose
So for it to continue I should carry on, I suppose,
Its away to Stevenage, and this time my poem is short & blunt,
with unswerving away support we'll win,cos their managers a right C... !

Please add you own ending !!!!!!!!!

C'mon you most rip roaring of reds....

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We will get another 3 points,
Of which we deserve,
The drum will be heard,
and the support will unswerve.

We can easily make noise,
to cheer on the boys,
and outsing em all,
to keep control of the ball.

On Tuesday night we will win,
to make it three on the spin.
The moaning will stop,
and Fords head will go pop!

This crap poem must end,
which will cause great elation,
Im from Gravesend,
I have no education!!

Bang bloody bang bang!!!

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